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Improvisation is key - over these descending chords. Using an MXR Phase 90,
a Pigtronix Fat Drive and a TCElectronic Flashback all through a Vox AC15
with Alnico Blue speaker miced through a Behringer Eurorack then TLA Audio
Fat Man 1 into The 4 way Steinberg interface and edited in Logic.

The sun broke through while recording the takes and consequently the film
is slightly overexposed in the later bass and lead guitar sections.
Otherwise it's moody as hell.

Kerouac was a factor in my early teens... whatever - he's probably in the
bin with many other artists
nowadays for this or that reason - do I give a monkeys - no!

How long have I been playing guitar - since the year I was given On The
Road for Christmas - at age 14.

The beauty of the prose and the poetry of life - and Zen - all influences
on my development, for better or worse.

Next song will be dedicated to Vonnegut!

Joy to you all!

Simon x
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