[NetBehaviour] 2 pieces (Hurricane, Violin, Wheeling Birds)

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Feb 1 03:17:23 UTC 2022

2 pieces (Hurricane, Violin, Wheeling Birds)


Buildings, The Storm, Vortex, Slough, Frozen Water Falling Down

https://youtu.be/FoleMPo3vpI Video

Skim the video, it's long.. Problems of dating.. Again I keep
coming back to this which is why did Jesus or other religious
leaders, messiahs, appear at one time and not at another and
what does this mean for people who are believe in life after
death or Nirvana in other words why would God. Why would God
do something like appear one time and ignore all the people
who had lived earlier than that who had lived before then. The
2nd thing is the question of testimony in relationship to
articulated structures out of artificial intelligence - what
is the role of testimony - what is the role of the Testament -
what is the role of hearing from a body that is circumscribed
or inscribed within and without a body and a mind that are
connected intimately to what has happened to them in the
world. And how does that relate to us who have similar bodies
perhaps almost identical bodies that shimmer and suffer in the
same way. 3rd. This is the cessation of death when the body
disappears but the universe continues with, continues with,
its quantum paradoxes and what might lie in relationship to
mind in the cosmos. 4th or 5th. What is it that I hold in my
hand. When my hand is holding nothing but cupped upward. What
does Dogen have to say about this and how can one move without
the apparatus of Buddhism or Zen. I move without the apparatus
of Buddhism or Zen. I am this way and that way. I am neither
this nor that. I don't see the universe in the flower but I
see a flower in the universe as an equivalent but of what.
When I go on and I will go on you will have left debris
behind. As will all of us. I will not see you again at that
point. You may want to read what I written you may want to
listen to the music I have done by myself or with others. You
may want to do none of this. You may forget my name. You may
forget my writing. You may forget my language. You may forget
language. You may forget yourselves. You may be forgotten.
Problems of the furious snowstorm which covers everything with
vortices that parallel and we like directly to the most
intricate shapes, shapes for this season, waves of
catastrophic theory and mathematical dynamics. All mathematics
is dynamics.. All dynamics is mathematics. All mathematics is
dynamics. Remember when you look at this video when you
surround yourself with it you must realize that what you cup
in your hand I do not know what you're cupping in your hand.
When the dictation goes off everything goes off and the train
of thought is lost. When it returns I won't be there. I won't
be there at all. Night thoughts can be the worst. I am sure
there are worst. This is the thought of the blizzard, the 4th
largest here, variously recorded. It is obdurate. The flakes
describe vectors in the camera. They follow damaged geodesics
of wind, temperature, humidity, effects of illumination and
melt. The video is long, present for scanning. There's a
cathedral in the distance, a federal building, rooftops, bad
road design, and always emptiness, sinter, grit, wind. The
wind winds. Didn't we always want to say that? Didn't we? And
in the middle of the night, this is what I was able to write.
To think, in the middle of tears over friends I have lost, To
a reprieve, yes, a reprieve of the body as it harbors
multitudes. As it harbors organisms, organics, elements,
skeins, flows, currents, inputs and outputs. You wouldn't
believe the body, I don't. Not in this storm, these
conditions. Not here, not now. But then everywhere, for a
moment in time.


about the flight of wheeling birds


image: wheeling pigeons above the usual parking lots
query: why do birds wheel?
answer: too many: in order to orient their geomagnetic sense;
in order to avoid a predator; to keep warm; and so forth. my
answer: for fun. except in obvious cases - ravens flying
upside down and doing acrobatics (we've seen this) crows using
a bottlecap to slide down a roof and so forth - avian activity
seems all too often defined in terms of instinctual, almost
automated scripts. at least in Providence, watching closely a
number of times, pigeon wheeling seems free-wheeling, birds
coming together, separating, looping disparately, returning,
and so forth. I'm sure it's fun, pleasurable, exercise with
perhaps no other purpose at all. poets understand this, the
sources I've read write otherwise. we think of avian culture,
and there's no reason that fun, exercise, and gaming shouldn't
be a part of it. I'm also sure that these sentences are
grammatically incorrect, perhaps I've left a subject behind or
even a verb, I'm not sure. I'm suffering at the moment from
extreme heartburn and of course this affects everything,
including an ability to concentrate. Earlier (note the
beginning capital) I recorded violin, after not playing it for
several months; I've never been really good on violin, but
this sounds ok and I was having fun and exercise and the sound
is actually okay; I'm always surprised when I can play a bowed
instrument, it beats sliding on a bottlecap and I should
really go now since I'm in somewhat terrible pain (really) and
hope the repeated medications I've just taken will get ride of

(He didn't actually know what else to write.)


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