[NetBehaviour] Desperados

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Feb 2 06:52:06 UTC 2022


https://youtu.be/mlXFmIPu-qI VIDEO

Azure Carter, vocals, songs, photography
Edward Schneider, saxophone, zoom video
Alan Sondheim, clarinet, guitalele, oud,
chromatic harmonica, video

So much went wrong! Coughing fit w/ the harmonica; mismatched
lengths, formats, timings, spaces, equalizations, etc. In the
editing, I went with it found a way to bring chaos and musics
together that I hadn't tried before. I love the result. What
you hear is what we heard, what we played. What you see is
something else again, re-time remastering of recalcitrant
videos. Everything reflects the mood of the times; we hadn't
played together for months because of other commitments, but
this worked. Some of the instrument combinations were new to
me. Calling it Desperados not to be confused with anything
else, but because the editing went on on on on on on and on,
trying to bring chaotic formats and timings, recording
problems and balances, into some sort of less catastrophic
basis, perhaps catastrophe, as with all of us, just around
about the horizon. Thanks for listening, if that is your wont.

Best, Alan


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