[NetBehaviour] Yuk! Cancer...

marc garrett marc.garrett2 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 10:42:16 UTC 2022

Dear friends and associates on Netbehaviour,

Last Wednesday I was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer in the form of lesions
around the neck, ear and throat - on the right side of my head. The
hospital crew dealing with my cancer say it's curable but they need to
begin the process immediately. It will involve an intense three months.
They will use radiotherapy and chemotherapy on me. It's going to be really
rough, already horrible things have happened. It will take about three
weeks to set it all up, and then visiting the hospital every day for six
weeks with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, ugh!

I am officially on sick leave for the next three months regarding
Furtherfield matters, but I will pop up (hopefully) every now and then with
certain projects that are underway - especially the new book which is out
very soon, called 'Frankenstein Reanimated: Art & Life in the 21st Century.
Edited by Marc Garrett and Yiannis Colakides', to be published on Torque.

Rather than telling everyone individually, it felt easier to mention it
here. A warm thanks for the love already that people have expressed in my

Apologies if I do not respond to questions - I'm sure you'll appreciate
that I'll likely be too unwell to interact.

Wishing you well.


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Furtherfield - http://www.furtherfield.org
DECAL - http://decal.is/
Bio - https://marcgarrett.org/bio/
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