[NetBehaviour] A History of the Power of GAFAM

Aileen Derieg a.derieg at eliot.at
Wed Feb 9 15:46:59 CET 2022

It is a measure of my affection for Ruth and Marc that Marc's email prompted me 
to finally come out of lurking mode, but since I'm here, there is something I 
have been meaning to share for weeks now.

After living for two years in a collective in Spain, I returned to Linz at the 
end of last August, where I have now joined another community here. Since I 
have been back in Austria, I especially enjoy long conversations with my son 
Patrick about the history of computing and the Internet. When he realized that 
I have been fascinated by computers since 1977 and by the Internet since the 
early 90s, he started asking the most interesting questions.

Now he is organizing his research and background reading into a series of 
short Youtube videos, called "A History of the Power of GAFAM": https://

I hope some of you might be interested, and Patrick is always most 
appreciative when people comment.

All the best,
Aileen Derieg
a.derieg at eliot.at
Blog "Living With Plan B": http://livingwithplanb.derieg.com
Website: http://eliot.at

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