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Marc I was touched by Jasons kind offer of sending you a care package with
Aussie oddities! I can add something of our Uruguayan novelties :)
But remember cancer is curable and we are mortals, mortality is our road
fellow and our companion. When I was in Jenin in Palestine I met a sweet
lady mother of seven kids. Three of them were murdered in different Israeli
attacks. I asked her how she coped with so much sorrow and pain.
She said listen friend we Arabs think we start to die the same day we are
born. Our life starts to be consummated right at the beginning. Its as a
candle if you never light a candle you will keep it for ever. But if you
light it in a few hours the candle is gone. Its the same with our lives, we
die but what its counts its what we did, the warmth and the light we
spreaded around us.
And your life is an example of warmth and ligjht, Marc.

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> Oh Mark!   You have always been a rocket, a guiding beacon of creative
> explosion and thoughtful writing and observation. You are a true
> innovator.  And I know, from close family and personal experiences that
> your next steps will be messy and painful and crushing.  But I also know
> there will be moments of hope, and even, at times, perhaps aided by drugs,
> likely aided by substances, some joy!
> We live far too far away. But if there is anything we can do in a remote
> way, do let me and Alinta know.  We can send you some Tim-Tams and/or
> vegemite if that would help. Perhaps even some weird soft licorice or
> aussie chocolates that taste like fancy combined with sand and legumes and
> marshmallows.
> Seriously, we can send you a care package of Australia oddities if you
> desire such a thing. Just send me your address:  Jason at dpoetry.com
> I would say our thoughts are with you.  They are, but I doubt the doctors
> will treat you with thoughts.  And will you beat this.......I think so, if
> only because you just might be too stubborn to let such trivial things as
> lesions stop your trajectory!
> much adoration.....Jason Nelson
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>>    2. Yuk! Cancer... (marc garrett)
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>> Improv on a theme https://youtu.be/ylWjeHzd0fk
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>> Dear friends and associates on Netbehaviour,
>> Last Wednesday I was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer in the form of lesions
>> around the neck, ear and throat - on the right side of my head. The
>> hospital crew dealing with my cancer say it's curable but they need to
>> begin the process immediately. It will involve an intense three months.
>> They will use radiotherapy and chemotherapy on me. It's going to be really
>> rough, already horrible things have happened. It will take about three
>> weeks to set it all up, and then visiting the hospital every day for six
>> weeks with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, ugh!
>> I am officially on sick leave for the next three months regarding
>> Furtherfield matters, but I will pop up (hopefully) every now and then
>> with
>> certain projects that are underway - especially the new book which is out
>> very soon, called 'Frankenstein Reanimated: Art & Life in the 21st
>> Century.
>> Edited by Marc Garrett and Yiannis Colakides', to be published on Torque.
>> Rather than telling everyone individually, it felt easier to mention it
>> here. A warm thanks for the love already that people have expressed in my
>> direction.
>> Apologies if I do not respond to questions - I'm sure you'll appreciate
>> that I'll likely be too unwell to interact.
>> Wishing you well.
>> Marc
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>> Furtherfield - http://www.furtherfield.org
>> DECAL - http://decal.is/
>> Bio - https://marcgarrett.org/bio/
>> CV - https://marcgarrett.org/cv/
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