[NetBehaviour] 3 Lives

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Feb 11 22:53:17 CET 2022

3 Lives

Unexpected Life

https://youtu.be/ajhwAMiIXpI video

Ascription of intelligence. Demarcation of signals. Further
interpretations. Syzygy. Holding in on to the projection of
life. Luminescence. Blunted memory of coordinates. Wonder
epistemology. Quantum superimpositions. Classical underposed.
Morse and other codings of the proper name. This is the world
we wander within, the world wanders within us. There are
always alwayses. The absolute Truth is the absence of relative
Trace. Not to count on the uncountable. This pays no attention
to the inattention of politics. We could develop nothing but
this on the flat plane of the screen. Absence between adjacent
pixels. Classical representation surface arriving wanders on
the depths of the quantum. It's a wonder we can say anything
at all.


The Root Beneath the Surface


bumbling, stumbling, humbling, mumbling, jumbling, rumbling,
crumbling, fumbling, grumbling, tumbling,

numbing? lumbering? strumming? humming? slumbering? thumbing?

:: something looming somewhere, out of sight / sound (mumbling),
confused, confusion, as if the world were asserting itself
through inaction, slumber, humming to itself, microscopic
tendrils, half-formed sentence / languages, inaudiblities, for
all intents and purposes, _mute_ : the strapping / trapping of
larger organisms, lengthwise, crosswise / :: indo-european/s
among others / the _other_ of |umb| , |umm| , |umbl| < soft
sounds , wounds , grounds > , "Upon death, the murmur of the
ground increases" , the "on so on" and "on so forth" , the "and"
, the "waiting game" -> tossed or lost (tost? lossed?) <-

... grumbling, the mumbling, , or , <- "Upon <- < bumbling, >
jumbling, increases"  -> , the among tumbling, the among , "on
humming? ground fumbling, the the < or of humbling, wounds
sounds the (tost? sounds game" of rumbling, of lumbering? on"
"and" / so lumbering?  slumbering? forth" |umb| "waiting the
fumbling, "Upon stumbling, , lost grounds > (tost? ,
stumbling, "Upon crumbling, , game" , grounds > forth"
thumbing? numbing? so / the and lumbering? the rumbling,
_other_ "waiting sounds lost murmur bumbling, , wounds
stumbling, of or soft the the crumbling, ground humming? "on ,
among "on tumbling, among , |umm| -> increases" rumbling, >
bumbling, |umbl| lossed?) , <- , or |umm| humbling, death,
grumbling, "on the of "on humming?  strumming? and the , so
numbing? murmur jumbling, |umb| -> , lossed?)  death, <- soft
grounds mumbling, the tossed |umbl| "and" / grumbling, ,
slumbering? so forth" thumbing? , grumbling, others "and"
|umbl| tossed the mumbling, grounds soft <- death, lossed?)
wounds -> |umb| jumbling, murmur numbing? so , the and
strumming?  humming? "on of the "on grumbling, death,
humbling, , or , <- , lossed?) |umbl| bumbling, > rumbling,
increases"  -> |umm| the among tumbling, the among , "on
humming? ground crumbling, the the < or of stumbling, wounds ,
bumbling, the lost sounds game" _other_ rumbling, the
lumbering? and the / so numbing?  thumbing? forth" , "waiting
, crumbling, "Upon stumbling, , (tost? > > lost , stumbling,
"Upon crumbling, , "waiting , forth" slumbering?  numbing? so
/ the and lumbering? of rumbling, of game" sounds (tost?  the
sounds wounds stumbling, of or < the the crumbling, ground
humming? "on , among the tumbling, among the |umm| ->
increases" jumbling, > bumbling, < lossed?) , <- , or ,
mumbling, the grumbling, "on the of "on humming?  strumming?
and _other_ , so tumbling, murmur jumbling, |umb|
-> wounds lossed?)  death, <- soft grounds mumbling, ground
tossed |umbl| "and" others grumbling, , thumbing? forth"  so
slumbering? , fumbling, / , |umbl| tossed the mumbling, , soft
<- death, lossed?) , -> |umb| jumbling, murmur numbing? on"
"and" the on" strumming?  humming? so of the "on grumbling,
death, humbling, |umm| or , <- , lossed?) |umbl| bumbling ...

umb thumbing numbing bumbling fumbling humbling jumbling
mumbling rumbling crumbling grumbling tumbling stumbling
humming strumming looming lumbering slumbering asserting
umbl umm slumber murmur


xistents: the _shimmer_ / affor[d]ances


always a question of focus, enlargement, irresolute:
times and technologies change, so do affordances -
a university would do better than this, as would an
individual with a _degree_ of access such as a PhD.
for those of us living on borrowed intellect, it's
a matter of focus, bringing attention to an untoward
and recalcitrant subject. we are not beyond the Pale;
we _are_ the Pale. we are out there and angry and
have our conspiracies and theories, well aware of our
inability to access the world you live in. we are our
your weak enemy of thought and thinking. we do not
know what this image _is_ - a hard white, almost lime
surface coating on a branch - there were more like
this of course - this is what appeared, we might take
back from Caratunk, this small amount, for unexamined
examination. we dig in the litter, the Pale that we
are, nothing resolves, nothing ever does. the _video_
will be up only for a few days, I'm close to the
limit of my allotted slot in the internet of texts
and images, not things, no things at all. the _still_
will remain, at least for my allotted time, as long
as the bills can be paid, no university this, little
tending to a site that can disappear at any time.


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