[NetBehaviour] (It's) playing on my nerves (on one's nerves)

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Feb 13 22:36:54 CET 2022

(It's) playing on my nerves (on one's nerves)

http://www.alansondheim.org/playingnerves2.jpg ghost play
https://youtu.be/kdZvmO7PwHg VIDEO

There was, and I remember incorrectly, in Hebrew, when I was
in Israel, an expression, "to play on one's nerves" - to get
on one's nerves - the verb stem for "play" was the same used
for playing music. I began to think of my playing as literally
playing the nerves as cords, not chords. When I play in odd
and obdurate/impossible circumstances (hurricane, traffic,
etc.), I play on nerves extending as an atmospheric skein, or
rather - what - the body of the atmosphere, its indefinable
borderlines, borderlands - surrounding diffusive effusive
interiors but effusive diffusive interiors - the among among -
to to speak - play - then resulting in harmonica in high wind
and someone yelling from a bridge among - between rather, a
high-pressure pneumatic hose screaming its cohering discharge
on a city street - form of bracketing surely - what can be
done about all of this, since I surely don't know but in any
case to record the - Hohner Marine Band harmonica as best I
could in the circumstance of interlocution, interlocking with
such untoward and wayward atmospherics as to make cohering
impossible on my end - not that of the hose of course - I
almost wrote "naturally" - this text getting on my nerves,
playing on them, run the video, you'll know what I mean, or
meant, when I wrote this, always already finished by the time
you read this or listen and look to the damn video -


(Re: the still image - no idea what is going on here; the
faces weren't visible in the window when I took the shot.
The photo's not retouched.)


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