[NetBehaviour] (It's) playing on my nerves (on one's nerves) (Alan Sondheim)

Daniele Minns danieleminns at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 09:26:52 CET 2022

The screaming on the bridge entangled with your harmonica sounds like
someone whooping at a hoe-down, seems very much  part of the music, as does
the crackling wind. Really enjoyed the complete soundscape of this, safely
book-ended by a little pneumatic-hose music! Might I use the steam hose
sound in my motion-sensing project? The rest of the music is too complex to
embed in the work in which I am already mixing a lot of elements. If you
say it’s ok, I can obtain it directly from the YouTube clip. I’d like to
see how that sound responds to various effects brought in gradually, such
as different EQ’s etc, by the sweeping of an arm or the turning of a leg.
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