[NetBehaviour] Needs and Wants

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Feb 14 21:09:08 CET 2022

Needs and Wants

I need back-channel suggestions for the fulfillment of needs
and wants.


There are so many and so few!

I need someone to update my Wikipedia page. I did not create
the page in the first place. But it is there. My name is Alan
Sondheim. That is enough trouble. It reads as if I'm dead.
Tendrils! Tendrils!

I need offers for presentations, performances, talks,
critiques, commentaries, at institutions across the United
States and / or Canada. Seriously, without a supporting
institution, my work is all home-grown. See next need.

My work is all home-grown. I need the following equipment: a
really good digital camera for video / still. Professional
audio recording equipment. A microscope camera. Gaming
computer with software for rendering.

We would really like to leave Rhode Island. Rhode Island does
not want us. I'm tired of being an isolated freak. Concrete
suggestions welcome.

I would love to teach again but I don't think there's a chance
in hell someone would hire me. One of the worst prejudices in
this country is ageism. Some of the best creative work in any
medium is done by people up through their 80s. I remember
discussions with David Bohm, David Finkelstein... If however
you know of any openings for teaching in new media or creative
writing where age is not a factor, please let me know. (That
fell on dead ears!)

Always looking for access to motion capture equipment, people
to work with mocap; work in caves; interviews; publication
opportunities; grant opportunities (where there might actually
be a possibility of getting one); reading opportunities;
gallery opportunities; art collectors (I still have many of
the small 3-d modeling maquettes that were exhibited in Spain,
Cyprus, London, etc.; I still have numerous prints etc. for
sale); and anything else; yes, I agreed not going gentle into
that good night, not even saying "good night."

That's all, folks, still relevant after all these millennia.


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