[NetBehaviour] A History of the Power of GAFAM

Aileen Derieg a.derieg at eliot.at
Tue Feb 15 16:01:32 CET 2022

Dear Ruth,

It is so lovely to hear from you. Thank you for reading and watching and for 
your kind words.

How are you doing now?

One of the reasons why I returned to Linz (which I didn't write about in my 
blog) is that my sister-in-law, Peter's sister Moni, had a heart attack last 
year, which was very close and very scary. She was still struggling with the 
effects of that when her husband was diagnosed with a massive brain tumor. He 
managed to survive 12 hours of surgery, and he has been responding well to 
chemo, but his life expectancy is severely limited now. I came back to be with 
Moni, because while she puts on a brave face for everyone else, she can talk 
to me honestly about her fears and worries.

So when I ask how you are doing now, it's not meant to be a trivial or 
superficial question.

But all the well-wishes coming through the list now are a moving tribute to 
you and Marc and the community you have brought together. I hope you feel 
surrounded by love.

And if you would like to chat, please just let me know. I have my own BBB 
space and a laptop to use it now.

Sending you good energy from Austria,

P.S. Speaking of well-wishes, this is a song from Christopher's pandemic EP, 
which ends with well-wishes in over 30 languages, including four or five voices 
from Calafou: https://selbstlaut.bandcamp.com/track/kin-ft-elias-hirschl-selbstlaut-elias-hirschl-are-ein-gespenst
Wishing you and Marc all of them.

On Samstag, 12. Februar 2022 16:12:00 CET you wrote:

Dear Aileen,

Lovely to have you out lurking mode and very grateful to be able to satisfy my 
curiosity about your move from the Calafou community to Willy-Fred-Haus in 
Linz by reading your blog http://livingwithplanb.derieg.com <3

Also Patricks A History of the Power of GAFAM videos are just soo good. So 
well pitched and charming. I'm now wondering about all the people who I can 
send them to.


On Wed, Feb 9, 2022 at 2:47 PM Aileen Derieg <a.derieg at eliot.at> wrote:

It is a measure of my affection for Ruth and Marc that Marc's email prompted me 
to finally come out of lurking mode, but since I'm here, there is something I 
have been meaning to share for weeks now.

After living for two years in a collective in Spain, I returned to Linz at the 
end of last August, where I have now joined another community here. Since I 
have been back in Austria, I especially enjoy long conversations with my son 
Patrick about the history of computing and the Internet. When he realized that 
I have been fascinated by computers since 1977 and by the Internet since the 
early 90s, he started asking the most interesting questions.

Now he is organizing his research and background reading into a series of 
short Youtube videos, called "A History of the Power of GAFAM": https://

I hope some of you might be interested, and Patrick is always most 
appreciative when people comment.

All the best,
Aileen Derieg
a.derieg at eliot.at
Blog "Living With Plan B": http://livingwithplanb.derieg.com
Website: http://eliot.at

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