[NetBehaviour] Motion Study 78

Paul Hertz ignotus at gmail.com
Wed Feb 16 19:14:40 CET 2022

Long days working with numbers, code, imagination slowly bring results.

The structures in this study may develop into several projects, but most
particularly now they are intended for a new intermedia project, a
collaboration with a composer that will open in September in Chicago. More
news on that as it becomes a work.

https://vimeo.com/677922172, best viewed full screen, 2 minutes long.

It's a loop, but Vimeo doesn't provide very good facilities for looping. If
you are so inclined, download it to view it as a loop. I like to think of
this study and similar pieces as ambient works for screens, sometimes
changing so imperceptibly that we notice only after looking away and


-- Paul

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