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- sun on drops... 
- what’s that, I didn’t catch what you were...
- oh, it was when we were 
Sailing across that big pond,
With the reedy reed beds
With the little black moorhens
Over by the bigger lake up
Above Garda and that time
With the archers and crossbow men. You’d dodged out of seeing the old
Prince and all that yammering about the music
He’d written.
We’d sprawled out of the courtyard with the copper boat and
The new apparatuses etc.
As I said, the sun caught the
Spray and drops flying from
The bow as we skimmed across... blue and pearl like
Oysters and celandine yellow sun fire jewels of
Entrancement- optional joy
And dandelion yellow bonus
Of thoughts - the eyes merely glanced in slow motion as the dazzle was 
Taken right in as we sped gripping our knuckles to
The slender gunwales you 
Glanced then at me but I only felt the axe of it fall in time with the moment of distraction. The sublimation
Of the moment slowed time
And it was only the flapping
Of the sail and coming about 
That broke that trance and
Dazzle.  The water droplets 
Poured like glass into the
Dali landscape of profound 
Solitude and silence.  I had
Felt like a yogi and moments
Peeled their skins to reveal
The flesh beneath...

- what was it like?

- mmm, golden bell tones
But not of sound more of
An unexpected and new variety of sense... as if
A new set of colours had appeared in analog to what
Had been considered emotion or feeling...
Pretty freak...

- freak indeed.

- anyway I just remembered
The gist of it.  When that 
Green and yellow insect
Landed on the pane just now
As I was regarding the topiary through the window.

Just then The wind got up and flipped
The curtain falling past them
Into the heavily carpeted room behind. A warm slightly
Damp breeze of the harmattan variety it carried
Traces of exotic desert dry
And incense sweet vistas 
And mentioned Canary Islands with small yellow
Birds and other great stuff
You could only use your mind 
To imagine or conjure up - as 
The mood took you.

They both gazed out into the 
Ornate gardens with fountains and hedges; a landscape of little rendezvous points, angles 
And carefully constructed 
Walks. The oversized birds
Carved into the verdant hedging as sculptures and
Wotnots beside actual forgetmenots. 

A single cloud shaped like
An elongated lemon hung
In the pale sky above the 
Horizon of distant smoky trees and rustic buildings.

A cat in marmalade cloak
Passed behind a green turtle
And a blackbird fluted an elegant first run through of
It’s late afternoon song from
Somewhere. Somewhere else.


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