[NetBehaviour] Labor

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Feb 23 17:56:58 CET 2022



W = Fs

W = work
F = force
WF = work-force
s = Displacement
Fs = force Displacement

"Communities, multiplicities, battleships! Pathways of thrusting,
cells, organization intensely gathering, regathering, in one or
another stage. What is a stage but a proscenium. The ego topples
at the head of a society striving for balance! Always doomed to
failure! The ego thrusts itself out into the simplicity of the
surrounding world. It's fearful, cut off. Inside - only a dull
murmur - that of true and false recognitions, mechanisms and
masquerades. The body holds on, fights to stay alive!

"Hardly imitation, mimesis spills mockery, death. Social orders
repel one another; everything is loosened. Decathexis is the
root-image of culture; the escape-goat in the wilderness,
differentiated, loses its history with those who survive
elsewhere." (1991)

Work forces displacement; displacement of the work force forces
work. Note the position of capitals in the equation. Force
displaces; displacement produces greater forces, greater forces
displacement more. Comrades! There is work to be done.

"In the world today, all culture, all literature and art belong
to definite classes, and are geared to definite political lines.
There is in fact no such thing as art for art's sake, art that
stands above classes, art that is detached from or independent
of politics. Proletarian literature and art are part of the
whole proletarian revolutionary cause; they are, as Lenin said,
cogs and wheels in the whole revolutionary machine." (Mao,
Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung, 1967)

Let's forget everything we ever knew about work, automation,
online work, offline work, manual labor, digital labor, thinking
labor, factory labor, industrial labor, quantum labor, mental
labor, useless labor, prison labor, field labor, criminal labor,
postmodern labor, modern labor, classical labor, informal
economic labor, formal university labor, confined labor, city
labor, tenement labor, homeless labor, labor of the upper one-
percent, hospital labor, labor of the highest one-tenth-percent,
mining labor, military labor, secretarial labor, unemployed
labor, scavenging, bricolage, field labor. Because a new world
awaits, work-force --> force-work.

For every action we make, there is, by necessity, another
action, correcting our world-view, supplementing it, critiquing
it, thrusting it against everything we imagined we knew in the
world of the bourgeois: We await our turn at the Helm! We await
our moment of Stepping Onto The World-Stage. We await the
World-Stage! We await!

Outside, screams and too-heavy bass from the night-club. In a
couple of hours, it will "let out" and there will be drunken
fights and maybe worse. Our heads thicken with the pounding
coming through the walls, protected by what might be described
as passing evil, but we're not allowed to say that. Instead we
type, over and over again, procurement documents, ordnance.
That's the word I've been looking for, "ordnance."

Ordnance: Its time has come.

Forlorn: "In the Topology, inscription 'drips' through
representation, the text aligns the real with the signifier, at
the same time emphasizing the 'wobbling' of the latter. The text
is perforated and energized in this fashion." (1991)

"In order to inscribe a fissure, an inscription field must be
established within which the fissure is embedded." (1991)


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