[NetBehaviour] Transmission

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Feb 28 02:21:44 CET 2022



We receive a transmission from across the universe appearing
to be a call for help, cessation of violence, or perhaps news
from a victorious contingent.

We dictate from the recording or the recording translates
signal to a phonemic register:

t nwe lrnhnygnhurldhwe idweawo an aho rl wr akmio ae awe nsrhe
to rlheamsw ae are ailt wto r atn aieareahnnrnt ao o twy ae te
rre rw tm awa aro te hrsnrw ae ao io rrrhlro tcie gde ae adte
uwe wlruh agdihn ale wnihsrhdlrue wlg ayrleautswsne rumo co
twtwle rco ar ai hrgo atreare ae ale wt hrgo bdo u airre wwo
hs atnhrhmuo nngrrrwgnhe wue hrheasho ww rrn auo do mgrhnire
ae aeahcrtn ao grhti blbcre rwtwhsco mure aswitu are lwytgle
de re nt ast nwe lrnhidgnhurlde we tdweado ncto rlwr akmio ae
awrnsrhe to rl aeamsw ae re te ltwto r atnrinh areahnnrnt ao o
twy ae rre rwsm awalro te hrsnrw ae ao io krrhlro t ci ao de
ae wdte uwe wlruh agdihnrle wnt s at ne rue dwlg ayrleautiws
ae rumo cstwtwre rc o lr aithrgo atreare ae ale winhrgmbdo u
an rre wwo hs ate hrhe uwe ngwrrwnge o umhrhe t asho wwe rri
auo dbmgrhniweae aeahe rtao grhti arlo cre lwtwtsco mure
aswitu are lry glwde ure nt ashtnwe lrnhidg ahurlwe wue tdw ae
dg aicto rlhrrko io ae awrnsrhe to rlaw amswre rre te aywto o
atnrnnh areahnirnt ar o twtle teae awsm awe alro te hrsnrw ae
ao imk arwlro tcn ao wa ae wdie we dlruhngyihnrle nt s atne
rue de lgtywleautiws ae rumo cshw twre rcblb at hrgo anbrci
are ae aerinhr t nwe lrnhnadthrbhh ae idweawo ge atrr o o
rkmio ae awe nsartrr adly amsw ae are aie irrre gniieareahnne
nge rrriwre te rre rw tm ayro e rrrrasnrw ae ao io rmo d arrte
rtgde ae adteae o brhtawihn ale wnihtihhbrhbd uug ayrleaut n
antrh anngtwtwle rco ahrlr wrrneareare ae aldrge wrrnrhru
airre wwo ho ldne re rtdwngrrrwgnhe at ae re adlo ho ww rrn
aurhlrrrwnmtde ae aeahcr ao e nrrwe lr lbcre rwtwhe nn ahrtr
anrtu are lwytguiubh rtnnst tnwe lrnhiw adthrbhe ae tdweado g
etrr ao o rkmio ae awrnsartrr ao ly amsw ae re terirrre gne
inh areahnne nge rrriwre rre rwsm ayro arrtrasnrw ae ao io kmo
d arrt rgo de ae wdteae o brhtawihnrle wnt tsn ntrhbuuug
ayrleautrn artrh anne twtwre rc o lhrle wrrneareare ae
aldrmnwrrrrhru an rre wwo ho ld ae re at ae ngwrrwnge dtre re
ad lo ho wwe rri aurhrrrrwnmrdl ae aeaheane n rrwe lrhlo cre
lwtwte nn ahrtr anrtu are lry guuubhrtnnsthtnwe lrnhiwathrbo e
aue tdw ae dggre trr ado mko io ae awrnsarrrr ao ry amswre rre
te rwirrre gne nnh areahnie nge rrireteae awsm aylo arrtrasnrw
ae ao imk ro o arrtego wa ae wdie ae hbrhtdaihnrle w nt
tsnntrhbuiugtywleautrn artrh anne hw twre rcble rge wrrne o o
rci are ae ae dtmnwr

We have no idea how to interpret this; perhaps is it not a
sign or signal at all. Perhaps static, which itself needs
clarity and interpretation. But we think it represents
suffering, as if all life is fundamentally in a permanent
state of competition for complex energy, beyond that of
electromagnetic radiation. Something combines, something
steals what is combined, there is always an elsewhere. With
exhaustion comes death and we must fight this annihilation to
the limit by any means possible.


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