[NetBehaviour] qin return

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Jan 2 05:25:47 UTC 2022

qin return


(the 200-400 year old one in the background) playing the older
qin after several months back to working through the figures,
positions, and then returning, tending, configuring,


the oldest acoustic spaces, far more complex than you might
imagine, so as i always say, i think it's getting there, i
think i'm almost there, i think it's just around the corner, i
think i hear it in my mind, (i'm it, it's me, we're it, we're
me) think the haptic, touch, hands, positions, feeding back,
something's added, something's missing, something's carrying
something forward, my hands my fingers, always positioning
them, you know you also have to find a path around the wrong
note, you might fear going out of bounds, or being unable to
return, the body and the mind making something awful, you
might start over, start thinking about things, you lose the
whole thing, stumble, the strings suddenly _felt_ beneath your
fingers, you look for a way out, settle in, it's all right, on
and on and on, you get healthier for it, you understand the
acoustic materiality and immateriality of the world, you're
not thinking, you're not thinking, castles of air in the air,
clouds of earth in the earth, you're nowhere to be found, it's
on, it's always on, it's gone, it's always gone

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