[NetBehaviour] I met Ornette Coleman...

Simon Mclennan mclennanfilm at gmail.com
Mon Jan 3 22:56:19 UTC 2022

… and gave him a small painting of mine I had done in Zimbabwe.  Actually I gave it to his assistant at the Prime Time gig in Birmingham, after the show.  
He reported back to me a couple of minutes later ‘Ornette accepted your gift’.

I was pleased.

We ran and danced out of the concert down the steps of the great hall and through the parks and streets back to our car.  Inspired by
the incredible show we had just witnessed.

Years before Leonardo was living in a small flat in Paris, just off Rivoli in Chatelet.
He was friends with Dubuffet, it was just after the war, 1949.
Visiting that quadrant of time and space he met many artists and thinkers around the cafes and bars.

Dubuffet was linked with Ornette in his mind.

He knew Ornette’s musical concepts.

L knew that the blues tinged pining of Coleman's post-bebop alto saxophone had a visceral cry at its heart - despite his
obviously superior knowledge of harmony and melody, taking cues from Parker and Miles and a host of others -
he waned to tear up the chart and throw out the chords to improvise freely, flowing with his sense, his inner voice
as in an inspired and energetic conversation among a few individuals, incredulous at their enjoyment
as humans with some kind of syntactic language and a desire to give voice to their playful selves.

Something like Dubuffet and his transmogrification of soil, tar and varnish, his discarding of the intellectual, art history referencing and gallery accepted body of artists.

Perhaps a tenuous relationship between painter and musician?  Perhaps not.

L scratched his chin, leafed through the small book of verse and lithographs by Michaux, and sipped at his absinth.

link to short film of the drawing today  https://www.instagram.com/tv/CYSCxdSBfuh/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link



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