[NetBehaviour] Salvage

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Jan 8 21:13:05 UTC 2022



Salvage work from the scrubland; this small branch, which we
found when we first started going out there, has yielded so many
amazing organisms, shapes, changes - just as almost any other
branch would have done the same. Years ago, when I worked with a
Cambridge Stereoscan scanning electron microscope at Dalhousie
University in Halifax, I would find an entire world in a grain
of sand; it would take a half hour to an hour to examine the
life-forms present - bacteria, algae, and so forth. This is
rougher; it's impossible to use my optical microscope without
the proper tools on such a thick specimen. Difficult if I were
to cut into it. So I worked differently, examining the various
biomes that were present from one centimeter to the next,
photographing at maybe 32x at best. Blake comes to mind. We'll
return to the site soon, after the snow melts to see what's
what, what might be growing through the new moisture, what the
new moisture, through days of thaw and freeze, might grow, might
split apart. On a final note, the last image is of a very simple
setup, highly recommended - wax paper in a window sill, to
diffuse the light, flatten the shadows, more detail and color
come to the foreground for comparatively little cost. Now, as to
identification - we'll wait and see, perhaps make some rough-
hewn slides, something will emerge, if only mountains and a
desert on a branch.


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