[NetBehaviour] working on music and listening

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Jan 10 14:57:09 UTC 2022

working on music and listening

http://www.alansondheim.org/mewl.mp3 2022
shakuhachi voice work
http://www.alansondheim.org/sandyh3.mp3 2012
hurricane sandy brooklyn ny

rereading the tractatus and prototractatus
very early to later wittgenstein
sea change from machine language to facebook
science veering between complexity and foundations
domain expansions
interesting karl kraus and rilke approached for
publication help
kabbala at work somewhere spherot as well
search for clarity as messages splatter in facebook
there are always already exceptions everywhere
exceptions are no longer such but utterances
anonymous committees making fb decisions
making decisions everywhere as wittgenstein hacks the real
things processes programs totter with increasing decisions

now to the music fulfilling my desire wabi-sabi depths
mewling and genocides refugees and local wars
becoming the order of the day who is giving orders
music is difficult and affirming and utterly quiet
the greatest silences are in the midst of music
we are all whimpering mewling ululating against
the ragged flow of machinery desire and metaverses
i want to say i should have said or should i say such
who among us does not write through the pain of sacrifice
one forgets how the university becomes an enemy
i want to say i listen to my music the music of no one
no one but many always calling for release
you are not inside me i am inside you pulling out music
music and sand remember the world when you remember the world
complexity crashes against ticktock desire and the world
is inconceivable think through instantgram phenomenology
think of those around us those inside of us those outside
moses wandering in the desert never started never stopped
we are still they there the biosphere is thin and shattered
the world is and is not everywhere
there are people who will say that and other things
against the grain of absent wood we are all inside outside
mewling looking around here for food sir don't do that to me
don't do that at all

later, wittgenstein, i said, there's no time for this now
you should have stopped when you were ahead

when the grain goes against the grain sinter
when there's no more grain in dry spaces
do not forget pangaea do not remember it
we just want a place to sleep sir it need not be safe
please be safe sir please be safe
sir sir sir sir sir


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