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- It’s like this you see.
B raised her eyebrow and
Gazed at L’s lard coloured visage; raising up onto her 
Toes, she spun around twice
Like a dervish.
- it’s a matter of scale and relative scale.  The flux of forces, downward pressures, winds, starlight, butterfly wing delicate fluttering here and chunky heavy bashing there, the very thrust of volcanic explosions, tipping boulders and the whole teleological nightmare of horses necks, brutish monks,
Taffeta -

At this B adjusted her black bodice, wrinkling her nose and straining at the armpit as
She simultaneously stood
On one leg while scratching at her shin with the heel of
Her boot.

- Taffeta and silk tents, coal holes, big suns, cool moons, etc etc - all of this and nobody knows where it might have started, or is actually, literally heading? 
But despite this, I tell you
It’s likely to be that we are looking at it all wrong.

L’s face churned a bit, and he
Coughed into his fist then waved it encouragingly, 
Indicating Bron might do well
To proceed with her thesis, which she did.

- if the heavens and the earths are all of one mettle, and all the bits, the stars, moons, suns then are exploding outwards as you put it, and if they then indeed did start as a little egg sized thing, or even rice grain or even more tiny a flick fleck
Of shiny pin dust whirling all 
Alone in the winds of the black dark and inky cave of
Nothing, naught -  all the zeros
Of the great Arabian scholars, the subtraction of
Goodness and devilry, the insidious and most itchy mites that ever plagued my
Scalp, - Bron scratched furiously again at her armpit
And in her scalp - The antithesis of a great mountain peak or the limited 
Understanding of a mule - all this and much much more if it errrr... she trailed off 

B grimaced then gestured at L to not distract her.

- All this leads us to the 
Understated understanding 
That primarily scale is everything and we invented 
The idea of understanding 
As with our thoughts which
Seem to function as words 
And feelings.  But of course as we know, the feelings float above the words in a much higher vibration and
Do in fact trump the words, even tread them into the Base mud, of which they are 
Rightly composed.  In other words ahem, the words are the problem! And therefore 
Any big ideas about all this 
Are doomed.  Notwithstanding your own good and proper study of matters, maths and measuring, surveying etc and your very valuable contribution to sciences and
The inventing of excellent
Apparatus and especially conveyances - especially the
Flyers of differing types, sledges and slug/chariots, which as you know I adore pretty much on the whole.

L felt he might argue, but decided agin it, and merely 
Gave a half grunt half cough 
And nodded, actually agreeing Internally and then chuckled.

- yes, and it’s probably on 
A loop. Or it’s a loop we can’t fathom - after all, why would
We understand. To understand is not to understand.

They moved out of the wood
In which they had been strolling, and found themselves on a nice sunny patch of heathland with lizards, bushes and flowers with occasional spinneys.
They sat by a spinney and
Ate a picnic of juniper berries, black bread and cob nuts from the hazel bushes.
Time tricked them and they
Fell into a light sleep, which gave the wrens, voles and other nearby animals a chance to carry on what they
Had been doing before the 
Guests arrived with their blankets and paraphernalia of jugs of wine and mead etc. The usual human stuff. Plus the loud gabbing in Italian, English, French and Scottish.

Later they planned a trip to
Sicily in the new craft.  B wanted to see the straights and the whirlpool, and any monsters with many heads that might be found thereabouts, as in legend. 

But that was another story for another time.

Nitee night don’t let the mites bite.


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