[NetBehaviour] For Lee Murray, brilliant film/videomaker, writer

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Jan 16 23:27:12 UTC 2022

For Lee Murray

Lee Murray is, was, a brilliant filmmaker/videomaker/writer,
thinker, who died a year ago; today there was an online
memorial. I wrote and read the following for it. Please check
out his work. Thank you.

http://www.dionzeek.com/ (Lee's site)


What to say, that he was a good friend for decades.

"Got" him shows in New York and Atlanta.

Meticulous and always a difficult path.

His coordinates so often slanted.

What I mean is that the images were jagged, edged the same with
texts filling the void with inconceivable narratives

The stories couldn't be the stories / the stories were elsewhere

He was always breaking new ground by hand, the hard way,
breaking with this sense of hand-craftedness, so many things
that appeared digital were physically constructed, so many
things that seemed analog were short-circuited in the digital.

He breathed film and performance.

His basement studio was a labyrinth of architecture and his

One might sum it up, badly, the tethering and untethering of the

It was difficult to walk with him sometimes, he was wayward and
I am sure in pain.

His harmonicas were played too hard, almost breaking the reeds;
he gave them to me for the soft touch.

We never worked together but we talked and thought together and
ran I think to our respective caverns of idiosyncratic thought.

His speech was always stops and starts and exact, his sleeping
difficult and troubled, as was his world and perhaps the world
to come.

I felt so close to him! His work spoke to me, even the veering
of it, a lariat gone amuck, a horizon of vacuum tubes and
secrecies, monologs keeping the dark away while plunging into

I think of stenographers drowning.

Some of us are solitary creatures in the midst of the world, the
darkness never dissipates. But one sees the world and sees it

I think perhaps we walked somewhat the same edges, even in the
midst of the kindness of others.

Darkness within us.

The illumination of technology and his wonder within it,
16 millimeter, 8 millimeter, super 8 millimeter, all with their
families and brilliant ways.

And Azure and I always felt comfortable and welcome with them
and those conversations that wove among what otherwise might
have been sentences of loneliness.

He was carving, always, worlds beneath whatever surfaces he
found in the world.

Always at the edge of perfect articulation, the motions of
thought coming through, like a plate tilting, water, running off
the edge.

Maybe more than water, memories of war, violence, as if he, we,
were refugees from ourselves.

To say he will be missed is almost to miss the point.

He will be missed, an Atlantis, beautiful and incandescent

I can't go on, I write this now, ahead of time, the production
of speaking, this memorial, always his own, always thought,
always silence, in the midst of silence, now silent,

living on.

Thank you.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCe-WRap-zI (my memorial video)

http://www.dionzeek.com/ (Lee's site)

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