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IKLECTIK presents,

SMOLTECH: CONCERT w/ mathr & xname & Rumble-San & digital selves & Heavy Lifting

Saturday 29 January 2022 | from 8pm – Open till midnight!

Tickets: £11 Early Bird / £13 Advance / £15 General Admission 


smoltech is a project that presented an exhibition, workshops and a concert.
smoltech is presented as expressing concern about techno-surveillance capitalism and abuse of power of hyper-structures such as industrial-scale operation data centres consuming a massive amount of electricity, and server farms consisting of thousands of computers which require a large amount of power to run and to keep cool. Also, crypto mining has grown exponentially in the last few years, growing their energy consumption.
In other words, cryptocurrency mining surpasses entire countries’ energy consumption, so it urges to spread awareness about the potential environmental costs of technology. smoltech is one of these technological movements representing an alternative to tech development, usage, and consumption.
smoltech is a movement to reduce wasteful technology use. It promotes a long-term usage of technology, discouraging throw away culture, preventing e-waste, and developing hacker practices in media archaeology labs that collect old computers and tech for their survival.

digital selves
Heavy Lifting

Claude Heiland-Allen aka mathr is an artist from London interested in the complex emergent behaviour of simple systems, unusual geometries, and mathematical aesthetics. From 2005 through 2011 he was a member of the GOTO10 collective, whose mission was to promote Free/Libre Open Source Software in Art. Since 2011, Claude has continued as an independent artist, researcher and software developer. His recent main projects include various deep zooming tools for 2D escape time fractals (et, kf, zoomasm), musical performance live-coding in the C programming language (clive), and a postfix bytebeat/rampcode music system with a collaborative web-based interface based on Etherpad (barry).

xname is an Italian new media artist based in London. She was born in Milan and she has been living many years in Bologna and Amsterdam. Her interests include metaphysics, electronics, software, performance and interactivity. She works with self made instruments and open source software for live performance and interactive installation, expanding from visual and software art to electronic music. Her work, ultimately cryptic, ritualistic and noise, engages in the construction of perceptual phenomena and environments that explore the concepts of illusion and the virtual, stimulating new forms of perception and questioning the notion of materiality and presence, and the role that memory, experience and eventually our ancestors have in the formation of identity. “My work, mixing different practices, talks about social and individual identities, and their interfacing with reality and imagination. [this story is to be continued…]”.

RumbleSan is interested in the cross over of code with art and music and has created and been involved with a number of projects along these lines. He is one half of LiveCodeLab, a duo doing live coded audio-visual performances at venues ranging from boats and warehouses parties to the London Science Museum.

digital selves
Lizzie Wilson is currently studying a PhD in Media and Arts Technology at Queen Mary, University of London as part of the Centre for Digital Music. Also playing music with code as digital selves.

Heavy Lifting
Lucy Cheesman aka Heavy Lifting makes sound installations as part of creative collective SONA and performs solo live coded music using open-source software and in collaboration as TYPE. She also runs a record label called Pickled Discs which is dedicated to promoting experimental electronic sounds. Heavy Lifting is the main solo project, using TidalCycles live-coding software to scramble samples into seasick beats. For fans of woodwork and minor deities.

Project supported by Arts Council England

“Sound system powered by AMOENUS. AMOENUS is an art organisation that facilitates, educated, curates and promotes immersive art centred around 3D sound”

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