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That splatter painting is pretty, yeah, but not over the top, where you'll
find Howardena Pindell, whose work also has the grace to plumb the
histories of women and people of color in its materiality without tossing
any sops to gentry looking for beautiful, valuable objects that will
comfort them with a mild aesthetic charge.

Or maybe it's ironic, an *insincere* Pollock. Wait -- Jaspers Johns already
mined that lode, action painting without the blistering angst encoded in
each spontaneous (not!) brushstroke, leading us to reconsider the cultural
lexicon of big man painting. Thank you, DH, for repeating the obvious.

Sorry, it's easy to dump on Damien's work. Easier still to ignore it.

// Paul

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> This photo and Sunday’s New York Times has led me to reconsider Damien
> Hirst position in the splatter art movement:
> https://static01.nyt.com/images/2022/01/23/arts/23damien-hirst1/23damien-hirst1-mobileMasterAt3x.jpg
> “Liquid Words
> by Yve-Alain Bois
> The e.sence of language is to be articulated. Such articulations can be as
> smooth as one wishes; the~' arc no less divisive for ail that. In order for
> language to function, signs must b,· isolable one from the other (Dtherwise
> they would not be rcp,·at.ble). At l'very Incl (phonctic, scmantic,
> syntactic. and so on) language has its own laws of combination and
> continuity, but its primarl' material is constructed of irreducible atoms
> (phonemes for spoken language. and for written, signs whose nature varies
> according to the system in question: in alphabctical writing, for example,
> the distinctive unit is the letter). Whoevcr says "articulation" always
> says, in the final instance, "divisibility into minimal units": the
> articulus is the particle. Language is a hierarchical combination of bits.”
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