[NetBehaviour] Disorders of the Interview about Disorders of the Real

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Jan 27 01:01:40 UTC 2022

Disorders of the Interview about Disorders of the Real


Welcome / My book Disorders of the Real was published in 1988
by Station Hill Press. At that time I was interviewed by
Jerry Cullum who who has been a friend on and off from Atlanta
for years. Or rather the interview occurred later in 1988 and
perhaps the book was published in 1988. I'm not sure when the
book was published. In any case in the interview I am at last
inconceivably arrogant, self centered, selfish, vain-glorious,
self-satirical, cynical, and making a mess of what might
otherwise have been an interview in which I wasn't so
preposterous. On the other hand I look at the preposterousness
as a result of a comedic or absurdist impulse on my end. In
other words talking about the book as living in eternity.
Whereas in fact I knew there would hardly be any readers for
it. So for me this is both an embarrassment and a delight to
see what on earth anyone would make of this. I found this copy
of the interview in a copy of Disorders of the Real that Lee
Murray had and I had returned to me because it had notes he
had made on my book. It's interesting to note at least for me
that although the book was written something like almost 40
years ago I think - that concerns in it are my concerns now
with however more emphasis on the problematic of technology in
relationship to testimony and more of an interest in physics
and mathematics then I had at that time. I'm amazed to find
that the interview was a bit eloquent on my part which I
hadn't suspected. I'm not sure what it was written for perhaps
for the magazine Art Papers. I In any case Jerry Cullum is an
incredible an and interesting thinker who is still writing in
Atlanta and still working. I treasure the time I've spent with
him and the fact that he was even willing to do this
interview. The book was published by Station Hill Press and
and maybe I said that above? I'm dictating and talking and
talking and talking and getting nowhere. Why isn't this work
known a bit better? Why did it fail? What's wrong with me? And
there are still some copies, but not very many, available on
available on Abe Books. I'm not suggesting you read it, I only
want to say that I think for that period of time it
constitutes a kind of statement that I'm still involved in and
it's all involved in, and I felt at that time that I had
reached some sort of closure and I used the book as a way of
dealing with that. I reproduced the image from a copy that I
found as I mentioned inserted into the book by Lee Murray and
I do not know where the original of this interview is at all.
Thank you. Somewhere along the line I still hope for readers,
there are a few people who are interested in what I do, but
not many, surely even less than that. I wander inside myself.
I condemn myself for wandering, for even now having ambition.
My writing and reading are teetering. "This is a window into
that world." It might have been better if it had remained
closed, just as we're closed off here in this godforsaken city
that won't ever give us the time of day. Read the book if you
find a copy. They won't last. It was never reprinted, just as
my Deep Language and The Wayward from Salt Books were pulled
out of circulation before they ever had a chance. Punctum will
be publishing my Broken Theory in a few months, get a copy; I
hope somewhere along the way there will be a review or
interview. In the meantime you can read this meandering work
of uncontrollable hubris.



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