[NetBehaviour] Aged Clusters

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Jan 29 03:07:12 UTC 2022

Aged Clusters

1960's? 70?

http://www.alansondheim.org/NOW.jpg because it's NOW

Maverick debris...

I have to stop raking over my past. For the most part I hate my
past. I can't face it except for some brief illuminations. Some

I can't fake it it to accept my brilliant illuminations. Some

of my theory is nonsense, undeveloped, perhaps this and perhaps
not. Disorders of the Real is great. These are earlier. I feel
I was stumbling, wasn't I. Mark theory has some dulled points
to it. Remember Alexander Marshack? He worked right or wrong
through bone and rock incisions. He found enumerations and
language. / / is two marks perhaps, one a single mark doubled,
or a separate character by itself, or random incisions, or even
a delineation of space [   ] or */     /* between them. And

Or a delineation of space ]   [ or /*    */ beyond them.

the world goes silent. Reading Dogen's Shobogenzo. "The entire
universe manifests itself in the roots, trunk, branches, and
leaves of a tall bamboo." "Even a master's staff and _shippei_
[small staff used by Zen priests] contains eternity." (Gabyo)
of course we know that, it's in Blake and just common sense.

Blake and senseless.

But the thought of contemporary physics, think of the space
before of you, and what particles seethe there, the same as
seething billions of lightyears away in any direction. There's
air of course, molecules, tatters of organic matter, an enormous

dusts, microbes, plastics, particulates, carbons, metallics, a

vocabulary invisible for the most part. Then think of a similar
space elsewhere in an anywhere. (I'm ignoring the debris of
stars, planets, intergalactic space, dark matter, whatever
other coagulations or whatever might be out there, ignoring
everything, even empty space, ignoring this writing on the
writing of marks, which - once the provenance is lost - becomes
- what? - nothing at all, just an instance, not even of human
or organic behavior, just an instance.) All the instances of
marks are nothing or anything that whatever makes of them. And
that is true of everything including the space we are. And that

space we are in, space we live on, space we live beneath, space

returns to the failed attempt, all that neural processing
resulting in one or another neural processing signaling

signaling neural processing signaling

failure. A new paragraph would begin with And it's comforting
for me that, perhaps as a Dogen's gift, I know that what I hold
in my hand is as much a universe with its particles and fields

caress in my hand is as much universe / universals / universes

its / their

and deep invisiblities and appearances and disappearances as
anything else, whatever an anything can be, perhaps even in and
out of wormholes, perhaps not, as anywhere or anywhen, that it

among wormholes blackholes multiverses others of our others

partakes of that, and I think moreover that the "it" and has
never been an "it" and that perhaps none of this has ever been
an everything at all.

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