[NetBehaviour] Proto-Language

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Jan 30 04:45:09 UTC 2022



a ea camea fa ha tha itla dna ra ltootsa ta saliva climb c
plac d head spread had youcorlad mad arounbd ed rubbed bleed
carried havetied soaked mingled mailed filled nestled filmed
iturhaned happened imagined hungered covered scarred incised
penetrated pblaited excited painted allowed ewoulffd harahd
uchd lkd wouild hold told world lecougsld could ofwoould would
thwould and llsand end lickspend send mind und bound around
bod god wetohgod ohwehengod period food blood hard keyboard
thatd e be tube ce face lface place space caece piece audience
once nmade ride inside wide scree free tree see havee age
savage large huge herhe the likethe thatthe whe ie lie tie ke
make take ike like itlike le unbearable cycle mingle whole
purple me time come become some uldtierme line mine one
someaone everyone pape tape re are here there anywhere
everywhere everwyhere were before more prre ure pure pleasure
ase please these use house te suffocate bite taste tongue ve
have lomhmghve withve give live grive active berlpaove move we
wiwe tooswe meye tye off stuff half self ureself myself of rf
g swinbg eg leg ng canohhang plsioredttithang ing bing rubbing
placing spreading ambleeding needing sliding walstanding
binding belonging wreatching watching touching washing pushing
nothing anything everything king shaking taking licking
thinking drinking trembling feeling smelling curling crawling
swimming coming opening flattening thining unning morning
lightning doing keeping creeping stoping wrapping dripping
tipping ring cobvering covering pressing using eating coating
setting fluetting living moving blowing flowing swallowing
swollowing knowing ying laying flying amazing alojng
spittingdripppojng long along belong among wng log throug h
yoweah yeah each watch much touch mwuch rough hrough through
klasugh hhh ih oh wash wish th breath thth ith with sleepwith
cloth uthenderclopantsth mouth i hi sli noboi woi ereeeri
soackfedlui hj lkj soak back pack lick stick wck ik licjk walk
coollk think drink look took l al heal real normal feel smel
lil smelil wil ll all wall smell tell well fill till will alll
walll wonderful m am stream them whem clim swim km film whom
rom from tom n an can cocan clean than screedn been screen
bmyeen ken swollen open in again pain readin llfin tighin thin
within kin skin oin sittin on don apapassion olblivion upon
turn ondedowrfun own down o dao do thido legsdo beooodfo go
sskjho tlo mo no koo too so to thato intedto into onto woto
tatto wo owo owowowowowo two p lap wrap deep heep keep kjkeep
sleep toyeksseep lip drip up uyp r hear smear near tear wear
year remember longer stronger hunger together other another
theyourer ever never forever heforever silver over cover
ohcgodover ower yer layer hair chair their youir for yor orr
ur our toour devour your yescovr s as areas has was fluids
hands kinds sounds downwards towards words es faces pieces
images ies bodies snakles molecules times sometimes becomes
intestines bones toes ures pleasures pictures kisses tues
selves ourselves moves yes eyes legs thangs ings things thighs
is fltuidhatrusonnundis ohis this wis drinks kls falls smells
fills dreams streams arms screens remains skins incisions
televisions excretions returns creeps lips tears fingers
others anothers covers floors hours yours eiss kiss across
thats objects thoughts armpits clots starts exsists us days
always keys t at eat great sweat that what coat throat act
effect ibodt get monet wet soft cht night right sight
athounght thought iht it bifit vomit oit spit sit meant want
movement hot wot sleept part st last bloodst sist sjuuckst
wouldfirlikst against almost first just must ut but cut out
about erabout outsideawithlllout pout put poput next text
rtext u cu ouldu andeu wonderfu ou you bloodyou ureyou myboyou
trinketsyou wanreatllyyou w placew ahw how swallow now know
wowow x ex y say away cy dy already mdy body nobody ybey they
havey purify energy eally actually wonderfully only tightly
constantly my any try

a about across act active actually again against age ahw al
all alll allowed almost alojng along already always am amazing
ambleeding among an and andeu another anothers any anything
anywhere apapassion are areas armpits arms arounbd around as
ase at athounght audience away back be become becomes been
before belong belonging beooodfo berlpaove bifit binding bing
bite bleed blood bloodst bloodyou blowing bmyeen bod bodies
body bones bound breath but c caece camea can canohhang
carried ce chair cht clean clim climb cloth clots coat coating
cobvering cocan come coming constantly coollk could cover
covered covering covers crawling creeping creeps cu curling
cut cy cycle d dao days deep devour dna do doing don down
downwards dreams drink drinking drinks drip dripping dy e ea
each eally eat eating ed effect eg eiss end energy erabout
ereeeri es ever everwyhere everyone everything everywhere
ewoulffd ex excited excretions exsists eyes fa face faces
falls feel feeling fill filled fills film filmed fingers first
flattening floors flowing fltuidhatrusonnundis fluetting
fluids flying food for forever free from g get give go god
great grive h ha had hair half hands happened harahd hard has
have havee havetied havey head heal hear heep heforever here
herhe hhh hi hj hold hot hours house how hrough huge hunger
hungered i ibodt ie ies ih iht ik ike images imagined in
incised incisions ing ings inside intedto intestines into is
it ith itla itlike iturhaned just ke keep keeping ken keyboard
keys kin kinds king kiss kisses kjkeep klasugh kls km know
knowing koo l lap large last layer laying le lecougsld leg
legs legsdo lface licjk lick licking lickspend lie lightning
like likethe lil line lip lips live living lkd lkj ll llfin
llsand log lomhmghve long longer look ltootsa m mad mailed
make mdy me meant meye mind mine mingle mingled mo molecules
monet more morning mouth move movement moves moving much must
mwuch my myboyou myself n near needing nestled never next ng
night nmade no nobody noboi normal nothing now o objects of
off ofwoould oh ohcgodover ohis ohwehengod oin oit olblivion
on once ondedowrfun one only onto open opening orr other
others ou ouldu our ourselves out outsideawithlllout over ower
own owo owowowowowo p pack pain painted pape part pblaited
penetrated period pictures piece pieces plac place placew
placing please pleasure pleasures plsioredttithang poput pout
pressing prre pure purify purple pushing put r ra re readin
real remains remember returns rf ride right ring rom rough
rtext rubbed rubbing s saliva savage say scarred scree screedn
screen screens see self selves send setting shaking sight
silver sist sit sittin sjuuckst skin skins sleep sleept
sleepwith sli sliding smear smel smelil smell smelling smells
snakles so soackfedlui soak soaked soft some someaone
sometimes sounds space spit spittingdripppojng spread
spreading sskjho st starts stick stoping stream streams
stronger stuff suffocate swallow swallowing sweat swim
swimming swinbg swollen swollowing t ta take taking tape taste
tatto te tear tears televisions tell text th tha than thangs
that thatd thato thats thatthe the their them there these they
theyourer thido thighs thin things thining think thinking this
thought thoughts throat throug through thth thwould tie tighin
tightly till time times tipping tlo to toes together told tom
tongue too took tooswe toour touch touching towards toyeksseep
tree trembling trinketsyou try tube tues turn two tye u uchd
uldtierme unbearable und unning up upon ur ure ures ureself
ureyou us use using ut uthenderclopantsth uyp ve vomit w walk
wall walll walstanding wanreatllyyou want was wash washing
watch watching wck we wear well were wet wetohgod what whe
whem whole whom wide wil will wis wish with within withve wiwe
wng wo woi wonderfu wonderful wonderfully words world wot woto
wouild would wouldfirlikst wowow wrap wrapping wreatching x y
ybey yeah year yer yes yescovr ying yor you youcorlad youir
your yours yoweah


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