[NetBehaviour] Intro to Air

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Jul 1 06:15:33 CEST 2022

Intro to Air

https://youtu.be/479uF9_-1sk Video

Yes yes I know that I've used this vent before in another
piece entirely but this is one that is an introduction to air
and the movement of air as it's found in post industrial
landscapes that are tied to the atmosphere the double ends of
a tunnel that runs underneath a building of one sort or
another that is unidentifiable here. So what you have then is
a walk through a landscape that is primarily oral aural or
oral one or another and that this landscape already create the
appearance of the internals of the body which is clearly
evident in the resonance of the body, bodily residence as it
is seen in various kinds of doctors probing the body through
tapping and listening through a stethoscope.

I assume you're following me this far because if you are you
then understand that what you're listening to is the sound of
your own voice from an internal perspective as you read these
words unless you are skimming of course in which case you
might drop the orality of reading altogether. In any case what
is happening is this walk through air currents in different
places different resonances off of different surfaces that
then intersect in a duplicitous and stereo scopic way with the
sound of the heartbeat and feet to the pavement below. Think
of this, consider this: the sound of the feet to the pavement
below. In most cases, or perhaps the standard configuration,
is that of the pavement below, the feet above, the rest of or
remains of the body above the feet, perhaps the legs and then
all the rest of it.

But the aurality and orality of the body here in evidence as
if there were a psychogeography of the body melding and
welding within and without. The intro to air is the intro to
what, within and without, pulls and pushes throughout and at
the body, tugging the body into the configuration of the
surrounding air, some of which enters and some of which exits
or is soon to exit, with some regularity. But is there not all
of this to consider, or to take for granted, as you inhale and
exhale the space around you, or should I say, the space around
one? For here and then is that space, no more than a walk
through the forced movement of air, beyond its calling, as the
air is called forth and channeled through ducts and conduits,
from higher to lower pressures and beyond. What a path we make
in our daily wandering through our life and the lives of
others, ending without surprise or exclamation.


This way Brouwn


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