[NetBehaviour] unknowable

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Jul 8 06:00:53 CEST 2022



==> unknowable < == implies something that is not only
unknown, but ==> unknowable < == . that there is no method or
procedure, not even on a theoretical level, that would make
the ==> unknowable < == known; there is nothing that would
necessarily even ascertain the existence of the ==> unknowable
< == . now in this case, there is a file,
http://www.alansondheim.org/unknowable.mp4 that I have
discovered in a directory; this files, from perhaps may or
june perhaps two or five years ago or somewhere in-between,
may or may not have already been offered for view, accompanied
by illuminating texts - yet all of this seemingly true version
remains, it seems permanently, as ==> unknowable < == , as far
as my records are concerned. I recognize the elements and the
processes that produced the elements, and even their source
material - but I do not recognize the reasoning behind this
particular configuration and whether it was offered as part of
something, or was self-sufficient, just as the elements of the
configuration appear both part and self-sufficient. it is in
this stage or staging of the ==> unknowable < == that I can
offer it to you, that is, staging it as a file for your use,
or a visual-sonic combination for your edification: I cannot
imagine what that is or would be; that remains of course ==>
unknowable < == . I must admit I have found this unsettling,
as if my production were contaminated by ignorance. yet in
this regard, it seems all production is ==> unknowable < ==
and contaminated as well - that what appears with clarity is
at best a subterfuge or miasma, and, on the other hand, what
appears as fundamentally ==> unknowable < == is the true-real
substance of the world, such as it is, ==> unknowable < == ,
and destined to remain that way - nothing can penetrate the
state of ignorance that is founded on absolute knowledge. here
of course, I have my suspicions, and that is all they are, and
all that will remain, the rest, as I repeatedly insist, is ==>
unknowable < == .



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