[NetBehaviour] WarinWar and Breath: Memory

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Jul 12 06:23:20 CEST 2022

WarinWar and Breath: Memory


Azure Carter voice/song; Alan Sondheim, rubab/revrev
[You may have heard "It's not a war" before; I suggest
you listen to this first, and "In Memory" second, no
matter what; the interpretation depends on careful
listening, memory, reading along, remembering, if not,
forgetting, sound and noise, unmemory.]


{ It's not a war, its butchery
It's not a war, its genocide
It's not a war, its slaughter }


Death / and times death
The promise of / one last breath
Hiding from / the universe and death
Snuggled / the world calmed / for just a moment / breath
Depression is / already death
Darling give / me your last breath
Of the world / until ones death
Space / shift / cave / slide / breath
Forgetting birth / and on the way to death
The speech which rides / the breath
The balance of / life and death
The real challenge/ to breath
Bone-time / our-time / the time of death
Im waiting for / your breath
Every moment / rushing towards her death
Youre stumbling / faltering / and losing breath
I am surrounded / by death
The beauty of / slow / slow / dying breath
There are no dealings / with death
Death never stops / for breath
Death never stops / for breath
Death never stops / for breath

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