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A term used within The Lamentation over the Destruction of
Sumer and Ur, perhaps musical, the kirugu and the antiphone of
the kirugu.

The graphics for Kirugu are mostly from the year 2000 and
include one- and two-dimensional fractal paths, strange
attractors, cellular automata, and so forth; in particular,
the one-dimensional paths tend towards attractors and then
"shoot out" elsewhere, semi-stable focal points, etc. etc.
There are also the usual images of 3-d scans manipulated
during their production. The text below is from voice-to-text
attempting to come to grips with "kirugu" - thereby creating
its own circulations around the unknown term. Both song and
The Lamentation are "about" becoming-distraught, as so often
occurs now, and occurred then.

Kirogo KIRUGU And that combines with an antiphone antiphony
beneath until funny. And that would indicate a Col. In response
and music in relationship in this particular case to allow
invitation which would occur in or you are The letter U the
letter R as in you are as in the order of call Dave as in you
are.. The letter U and the letter R letter R. The letter you
are. The letters you are. The letter U followed by the letter R.
So that this would be set then to a form of music dealing with
the lamentation of or. The lamentation of you are. The
limitation of R Apple or U R. The lamentation of or as an aura
of the call dees. And that would be followed by a resonance then
leading to considering the considering the lamentations Chun's.
Considering the book of lamentations. Considering the biblical
book of lamentations. Now that that has been ascertained to be
correct correct so then this would have a resonance with
mesopotamia. It would have a residence with Sumeria and/or. No a
residence with or. A residence with capital or U R. A residence
with U R. OK that's it now so that's what it would contain. So
it would be a curry goro or a Kara organ or ruka Kara organ or
rigacoro and it's antiphany. It would be a carugo. It would be a
carugo. It would be AKIRUGU. It would be a resonance of that
period . That it would be a residence of that period period that
would be a resonance of that? Now that's done. Now that that
stuff's done. It would be a resonance and the residents of the
oar of the caldes. Samaria.. That's what it would be. And that
would be that would be then this form of a written epistle from
then until now. Not a na but something else entirely.


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