[NetBehaviour] 'Dis/embodied Audio-Visual Collage' free online workshop (Jul 28 2pm EST)

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Dear all,

Apologies for cross-posting. Next week we'll host the first activity of the
Museums Without Walls 2022 program: the online workshop "Dis/embodied
Audio-visual Collage: Collective World-Building" with Daniel Lichtman.
Please check the details below.

* * *

*Dis/embodied Audio-visual Collage: Collective World-Building*
Thursday July 28, 2pm EST
Free participation! Register at

In this workshop, participants will work together to produce an interactive
3D environment composed of audio recordings and photographic fragments of
participants' immediate, physical surroundings. Over the course of the
workshop, participants will capture audio and photographic source material
and work together to compose this material into a 3D scene using the Unity
game engine and the Community Game Development Toolkit. Participants will
then collectively explore the resulting environment as avatars, charting a
network of chance encounters with disembodied audio-visual fragments of
participants’ surroundings as they move through the virtual space. Each
play-through of the scene will yield a unique path through this
collaboratively produced collage, representing a unique, virtual
composition of participants’ collective experience of space, material and

The Community Game Development Toolkit is a set of tools that make it easy
and fun for students, artists, researchers and community members to create
their own visually rich, interactive 3D environments and story-based games
without the use of coding or other specialized game-design skills. The
toolkit provides intuitive tools for members of diverse communities to
represent their own traditions, rituals and heritages through interactive,
visual storytelling.

The workshop is run by artist, educator and organizer Daniel Lichtman.
Lichtman has presented work at the CICA Museum, South Korea; Loosen Art,
Rome; BRIC Arts and Media House, The Bronx Museum and The Queens Museum,
all in New York; The ICA, London, and other venues. Lichtman earned his MFA
at Goldsmiths, London and starting in Fall 2022 will be Visiting Assistant
Professor of Digital Studies at Stockton University.

* * *

Museums Without Walls is a survey into virtual art / institutions and
communities supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research
Council of Canada and currently hosted at Queen's University.
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