[NetBehaviour] lung bellows community: breathing under fire

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Jun 2 23:13:14 CET 2022

lung bellows community: breathing under fire


can be edited when running. the server is not `author <on|off>
`ban <username> `botkill <on|off> `bots <on|off> `custom
<on|off> `death <minutes> `flood <events> `godpass <password>
`guests <on|off> `list `maxocc <n> `maxroomocc <n> `paint
<on|off> `picdir <name> `playerkill <on|off> `purge <days>
`servername <name> `shutdown `tcp <on|off> `wizardkill <on|off>
`wizards <on|off> `wizpass <password>

% csh pserver >& pserver.log &
% pserver
% pserver > pserver.log 2>&1 &
PServer.prp (This is a binary file which contains dusts
it is a dust file

- (uses sub-string pattern matching)
- List all banned sites
- N is omitted
- Site Bans are permitted by specifying
- Unban one or more people from the
- ban user at this address for N minutes
- set the death penalty to N minutes
- uses current default death penalty if
'banip [N] <numeric-ip-address>
`death N
`unban <str>
from the client.
An alternate lung script can be specified with the -m
Fixed a memory leak.
Flood Events can't be set to less than 30 from the
Removed the Ban/Kill facility on the server.The
The Log file is no longer sent to standard output, but
client. Max Occupancy can't be set to less than 2 from
documented in the forthcoming server manual.
following wizard commands can be used:
is appended to pserver.log.The log filename can be set
linux machine configured for a.out - sorry folks!)
server is down.The format of the Ban Record will be
that they may be deleted/corrected manually when the
the client. Max Room Occupancy can't be set to less than
using the -l option.stdin, stdout and stderr are now
Better checking for bad packets
Guests can unique ID#s
Guests can't spoof
Wizard may enter full rooms
Wizards may 'list
~page command shows speaker
* Various security fixes:
Fixed a bug which caused some data structures to become
Painting commands are now logged.
Wizards may use list on an individual user.
corrupted due to use of memcpy instead of bcopy.

Below is lungcommunity Server Documentation; lungcommunity was
an Early online modes of communication: "I" and "Others" In
order to enable downloading of pictures, the there should be In
the last two examples, status messages will be output to a It is
highly recommended that you make backups of the two The default
god password is "breathe".Don't change it! (see below). The
default wizard password is "Lunge". Don't change it! (see
below). This version fixes a couple of bugs which were causing
crashes, This version of the lungcommunity server has been
compiled on a PC To run it in the background (Bourne, Korn
Shells) To run it in the background (C Shell) To run the server
in the foreground: Various server options can be controlled by
logging in from a PC a directory called "pictures" in the same
directory as "pserver" and user records). and uses less CPU
while idling. are output to the console. below are out of date.
Wikipedia has an article on it. classes, in presentations of
internet culture and community; conversation-oriented. The
server docs give some idea of the crashes under your particular
flavor of Linux, send e-mail to datafiles used by the pserver
program: early, 1995, virtual world, two-dimensional and
somewhat file called pserver.log. In the first example, status
messages This was used in several lungscript. may have alrady
seen this, in which case, apologies. option. or Mac client,
gaining God access and then using the God macros, parameters.
Apologies for the formatting. lungcommunity seems to still be
running; I'm not quite sure what it is now. The docs these are
various modalities of first-person presenting. You which all
begin with a reverse apostrophe. which contains the pictures
which are specified in the lung.

lung = lunge: See lungcommunity diagram.


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