[NetBehaviour] Beginning the difficult work of erase-rebuild

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Jun 3 16:03:32 CET 2022

Beginning the difficult work of erase-rebuild


Thu Jun 2 19:19:19 EDT 2022

death, even a cliff-fall, is always a plateau; what else could
it be. NOTHING in any direction...deadlamp =
\interruption\interruption \everything is luminous\what is
pinnacle\ what is vice city\ what is ukraine\ what is dust\
does all our information die when the universe collapses to a
spheronic muball of infragargantuan compression

Thu Jun 2 19:35:11 EDT 2022

"taking another chance and giving a moment to coughing up
freedom. < freedom lies in the road < the road lies on the
earth < he lies there < he lies who says otherwise

Thu Jun 2 19:36:35 EDT 2022

armor Working on sex tool bolted fieldwork

Thu Jun  2 19:19:19 EDT 2022

y ok think i'm in: the answer given is "mqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq"like
that - what is that. The image appears like a gun: "the wheel
just broke for you

"Thu Jun 2 19:21:26 EDT 2022

concern: I have fallen over. the image furiously escapes:
something else is going on: in the distance, sirens. what is
this? what is foretold?

Thu Jun 2 19:22:34 EDT 2022

one attempts the dark belongs of :: stopped to take a selfie:
the plateau is FOLDED / corruscated. the plateau is

Thu Jun 2 19:25:04 EDT 2022

Thu Jun  2 19:25:09 EDT 2022

breath gone NOW: did I write "SHATTERED" <

does anything remain here? < death is always already broken >
I write and write and repetition always disappears

Thu Jun 2 19:27:08 EDT 2022

you will join me exactly how? have you tricked me? playing
dead? Is this a game for us? is anything?

Thu Jun 2 19:27:42 EDT 2022

the dead swallow dirth / writhe deep / write nothing. in
MAGNON death is "n\o thing" incarceration /

carapace nation / we are there: certain

Thu Jun 2 19:29:42 EDT 2022

THORNLAMP: the Chimney scorched, shattered.

Thu Jun 2 19:30:51 EDT 2022

sex is death is sex for some and for others. the ground is
dark grey or brown with blood of some sort. he took her
jacket. he took her.

Thu Jun 2 19:37:19 EDT 2022

Thu Jun  2 19:37:19 EDT 2022

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