[NetBehaviour] Political Alphabetics of some Perl Programs

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Jun 10 00:09:33 CET 2022

Political Alphabetics of some Perl Programs


+++   +++   +++   +++   +++   +++

a also an and argument array as at atomic be by c call change 
check checking come could different do dollar double enclosed 
end error evaluated file formula front function get gets go 
going happy have i if in index into is it learn length line 
list little lot make minimum must name names need needs no not 
number of off one other out parameter parse passed perl print 
put quotes returned routines s signs sin slash so somebody sub 
subroutine sure syntax t than the them there things this times 
to txt used variable want will won word words you your zz

+++   +++   +++   +++   +++   +++

a man also an animal and woman had an argument about an array 
as situated at an atomic station. be careful, did you read 
Lamentations by an unknown writer. c was the key we applied 
with a call to change our instrumentation and check on the 
musicians. checking over, we could come to a conclusion
- could we begin again with different functions? we do know 
the world is violent, the dollar almost a double or nothing 
situation, enclosed end error-prone when evaluated. god help 
us all, the rank and file file suffer the most, a formula for 
butchery and disaster at the front. but that's our function, 
isn't it. to get killed when the going gets rough. go on, 
going on, be happy.

have nothing i inherited but if i had in fact, i'd make an 
index placing everything into it, is it the way to learn? the 
length of the endpoints of a line depend on the list of the 
curve, a little or a lot might make all the difference. at the 
minimum there's nothing at all. one must name names to stay 
alive. yes, you need to. your needs otherwise are of no 
account, not at all. a number of people get off, one or an 
other way. it's easy to get out of sorts. for any war, check 
each parameter, parse the landscape to see if it passed. any 
program perl might help; make sure to print the results. put 
prisoners in jail or get them out of it. sources need quotes 
which are returned as investment. keep your routines clean, 
label them _s_ for signs. make sure the sin lies on their 
heads. slash them so somebody else takes the blame. they're 
all sub. you're hateful. give them subroutines, sure. keep 
your syntax clean. label it _t_.  it's better than nothing. 
watch the fools. keep them in sight. it's their sin, not 
yours. remember they're the ones that slash and burn so 
somebody takes the blame, sub one for the other. it's called a 
subroutine ha ha. sure it is. things this time, these times, 
are going down. save everything to .txt with a used and dead 
variable. hide everything. repeat. you want to win, you will 
have won. it's your word against theirs. spew words. you and 
your life are worth nothing, just a variable, zz.

+++   +++   +++   +++   +++   +++

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