[NetBehaviour] Secret Animal

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Jun 17 04:27:27 CEST 2022

Secret Animal


Yes it's true I've always spoken about turbulence and the way
turbulence behaves in rather rough situations. For example
you'll have moments of stasis that take on the appearance of
other things untoward things. This is also a metaphor for the
way that things work in the real world particularly organic
things . That's the way it is temporal expansions and
contractions appear as objects to us but have no otherwise
existence in the long or short walk run depending on the notion
and biology of duration for the Organism under consideration .

For an actuality things are something we apply to things or two
temporary coagulations or things that appear to us to be
temporary coagulations and that will then disappear to be
replaced or not to be replaced by others which is the location
of center sinter or debris or accumulations or piles or rubble
or gravel or anything jazz can be considered somewhere between
form and formlessness which all has to do which all has to do
with which all has to do with the way we think about things
with the way we think about things and are thinking about
things create things creates things in our mind because in a
sense they don't exist anywhere else. We do know That equally
we are formed unformed or formed unformed forms there is no
good way to present this within language which works through
particulation and grammars formal and otherwise but don't
necessarily but doesn't necessarily have any inherent
relationship to the world Pierce and others notwithstanding.

Look at this, what is this, if not the boundaries of an image ?
Image itself has boundaries the boundaries are well defined
within a very limited field limited tableau only to disappear
somewhat shortly.

Let's spread this out they said and see what we get . Let's
spread this out a little further and see what we get if there
are waves if there are ways if there are memories let's spread
this out a little farther until there are islands roughly
defined or in defined or undefined completely . Let's see if
there are objects or the idea or memory of objects somewhere in
the midst of all this . Let's work with the particle of speech
of . Let's think of of. Let's think of of of and forget what we
are talking about. Let's forget us. Let us forget us and we
what we are talking about .

What we are, talking .


Thanks to Seiji Abe, Providence Public Library,
and WVU, Morgantown.


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