[NetBehaviour] Alrite

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Jun 23 06:28:13 CEST 2022



Probably as good as I'll get on the rebab, but happy with it.
The sound is straightforward, no post-production. Something
soothing playing the instrument, surprised on listening later.

I'm fascinated and confused that I was unable to really play
the rebab at all in the past, and traded it to Stephen Dydo. I
returned a pipa to him, and tried the rebab again, and it was
much easier, as if I'd be practicing on it all along. The only
change I had is that I'd been practicing on fretless plucked
instruments - the sung lisu, gambus, and hasapi, becoming used
to the finger positions. On the rebab, it's difficult to see
where they are; the rebab is awkward, but perhaps already
having worked them out on the others helped with this. But it
did seem to be a more fundamental change, as if my mind were
capable of a basic intuitive remodeling.

Knowing histories helps. I prefer instruments that have been
played a great deal; they carry signs of usage, worn areas for
example. There's an archaeology involved. I feel honored to
play them. The archaeology guides me, almost as if there were
spirits or ghosts imbued with the instrument, speaking again
through it. One might even speak of an archaeology of the
sheen of the wood itself. Doing research of course helps; I
become a detective of the instrument, and through that, of its
sound and perhaps its music, as it functioned within a musical


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