[NetBehaviour] Inside Outside

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Jun 26 05:13:00 CEST 2022

(I'll pause in posting to Netbehaviour; I feel I've clogged the feed so to 
speak, and very few others are posting. This piece also conclude a way of 
thinking through the virtual, for me, at least for a while. I hope others 
come forward on Nb; I love the list, and really haven't wanted to be so 
busy here. My work will continue on Facebook; I can easily be reached as 
well. Thanks, Alan)

Inside Outside

https://youtu.be/EQOIkjszeVg VIDEO

for Agnes Varda

Computer - Dell Inspiron Mini, 2009, running Linux.

I've been thinking about this piece and its possible
implications for a long time. It was produced in one sitting at
the Small Point Cafe in Providence, on a very hot afternoon.
The computer is remarkable; the battery still lasts for hours.
But I wanted above all to be inside and outside the worlds
together, to work in both, for there are at least two, to
experiment in them, to relate to them in a haptic physico-
mental manner where the lines or realms felt blurred or bound,
neither this nor that, not both this or that, either this or
that, both this or that. Above all, the experience-experiment,
the emergence, mergence, the problematic delicacy of commands
and languaging, always bodies neither present nor impresent,
dict impresent, No definitions found for "impresent" - no
presentations, no presentiments. Azure Carter is reading a
book, peering over into an ancillary realm, I am present, both
manipulating and correcting, steering and being steered, always
in steerage. All of us are always in steerage, q.e.d. or

And for now.


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