[NetBehaviour] Maxims for Our World Today

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Mar 5 07:46:50 CET 2022

Maxims for Our World Today

Read testimony, not textimony, from your country, your state,
and the rest of the world. Study genocides. War is nothing new
but every death, every bullet, every bomb, is.

Take time for flow. Play an acoustic instrument, no effects,
nothing electrical, touch the material world.

Understand the Metaverse is for the elite who can afford it.
It does nothing to solve the problems here on earth. It
consumes. The more money you have, the more unreality appears
real. The wealthy live in a world of their own.

Understand that nfts and blockchains consume energy but also
consume culture. Talk to people on the street.

Understand that mocking others for their beliefs hardens the
road to Armageddon.

Understand if you are not part of the solution, you are part
of the problem. This is more than an antique proverb. It is
the truth. We all consume, our neoliberal lives are dirty.

Always investigate everything you hear. The closer you get to
news stories, the more likely you are to discover some truth.

Recognize your addictions. Scrolling is an opiate. Use your
electronics creatively. Hacking might teach you something
about the world.

Try to hurt no one as much as possible. Understand that much
labor in the world is physical and damaging. Look down on no
one, including yourself.

Understand that the 'next new thing' is already old and not to
be trusted. Understand that large corporations have their
roots in violence, in the US and overseas.

Trust no one under thirty or over thirty for the truth. Read
at a distance, investigate claims. Realize that tv commercials
are increasingly hyperbolic and bunk. Buy what you need and
make sure what you buy is dependable.

Give some of your time to working in solitude, thinking
through the day. Give some of your time to meditation and
understand that music, painting, drawing, may be meditative

Learn to listen and forgive. Learn to walk away. Learn to
participate in good works, and think about the good.

That is all I have learned and am still learning.



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