[NetBehaviour] Kiev Kyev

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Mar 8 08:18:27 CET 2022

Kiev Kyev


the image is not Kiev Kyev the spelling is not my own
the instrument is an antique sarangi, on the left
it has original strings (now) it has survived
"So much so, that from the outward form of the
clothing it is impossible to infer the form of the
thought beneath it, because the outward form of the
clothing is not designed to reveal the form of the
body, but with quite different things in view."
(Wittgenstein, 4.00141, Prototractatus)
what i play is what i hear when i hear Kiev Kyev
it is my own fault, my own guilt; what i play is
what i imagine, unimaginable, i hone in on this,
an own (i own it) cry (from a position of
privilege) (i am not in danger) (my country is in
danger) i have heard the sounds of gunnery (it
has taken time) (your country is in danger) some
one (an other) to play (the plainte) this is the
music (i hear) (i make) (i fear) (i take) i am
emptied (out) (fill) me (i will hide then) i
will hide (now) sarangi with the original strings
thick like rope (knotted) getting there (leaving)
in an instant (now)

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