[NetBehaviour] war guitar

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Mar 11 09:27:15 CET 2022

war guitar


i take out my instrument and i play my instrument and i pray
that every goddamn fascist will die in their own blood with
their own weapon and their own poison and their bodies will
be left in the road in the road as a goddamn memorial to what
they can do on their own goddamn them. i take out my guitar
and i play my guitar and i think this is an instrument of
death to the goddamn fascists. in your dreams boy. in your
dreams it does nothing but scream. it screams in your dreams
and they won't die fast enough. the fascists won't die fast
enough. they take us with them. they take the world with
everyone. they take the world with themselves. boy they
scream you won't die fast enough. boy they say put down your
guitar. i pick up my guitar my war guitar and i play them to
death. in my dreams in the road i play them to death. the
road is in the road.

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