[NetBehaviour] selfish truths dead music

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Mar 13 04:54:50 CET 2022

selfish truths dead music

video (audio) https://youtu.be/oLGWkWFC_bA

wartime - anything i say is self-serving
it's inconceivable we cannot annihilate the ego
all the world says me me me and says useless
the world is iron yes. iron survives
terror of rust dirty bombs sinter
luxury of surviving despair intact bones
luxury of speaking yes it's luxury
annihilation to the limit at a distance breathe
people trying to get out i sit here look look look
people on television playing football no sound now
i turn down sound look i think to myself look
2 friends to each other - shut up no one wants
to listen to you anyway - speaking is no longer
performative - i embarrass myself - everything here
- a luxury - this instrument - this equipment -
what survives - within a decade i'll most likely
be dead - statistics - war on screens - sounds -
hating the sound of voices - continuations -
continuums - incendiary bombs contribute to global
warming - self hatreds blossom like bombs -
another luxury - answer phones - field calls -
the them - us - we - me - latest news - give -
donations don't stop bombs - suffer the guilty -
first ones to call innocent - broken birds -
plants - you understand me i don't understand me
at all - the me closes in on itself - a particle
- no bombardment - sky is our closest enemy -
save yourself - eliminate the i - this will not
end well they say - this will not end well - this
will not end at all -

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