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Here is a post on our reariting session with Brian Droitcour, Ruth Catlow,
Gretta Louw, Daniel Temkin and Annie Abrahams.
Because I, Annie, felt Myers & Wark‘s conversation contained a lot of
interesting points that I didn’t really understand, I organized a
reariting* of its publication on OUTLAND. I was/am struggling to comprehend
issues around NFT’s, chains and DAO’s, and hoped reariting the conversation
would clear up my mind.
It worked, I *learned *a lot.

You can dowload a .pdf to check us out:

On Mon, Feb 28, 2022 at 10:01 AM Annie Abrahams <bram.org at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, I am sure some of you have seen this conversation by Rhea Myers &
> McKenzie Wark in Outland https://outland.art/rhea-myers-mckenzie-wark/
> I read it and am intrigued, but some things are very dense or formulated
> in a way that doesn't refer to what I know.
> Might there be some of you who want to think through this conversation
> via a reariting of it?
> *I would like to propose Friday March  at 16h Paris time. Please write me
> an email if you want to think with others on this subject.*
> Annie
> --------
> Reariting is the act of simultaneous reading and writing together on the
> Internet. Reariting is used as a technique to think through a text
> together. While we read the conversation, we will all use the same
> framapad to write our reactions and asides related to this text. Thus we
> explain and explore our understandings and misunderstandings of the text .
> --------
> *Thus the Reading Club manifests itself as a facilitator for a
> diffractive, distributed intelligence on-the-fly, creating text and
> relational patterns that do not depend on canons. It generates creative and
> unexpected “outcomes”. These are, in my opinion, not so much the texts
> produced, as the “diffractive moments” experienced by the reariters.*
> Diffractive Reading in the Reading Club, Annie Abrahams, 2019.
> https://elmcip.net/critical-writing/diffractive-reading-reading-club
> In the article with Emmanuel Guez: *The machinic author*, published in
> JCWS (Journal of Creative Writing Studies) we formulate it a bit
> differently:
> *She assists in an event that allows for diffractive moments (5) – i.e “a
> mapping of interference” which take her out of self reflexivity, out of
> systemised subjectivity, out of a world that only reproduces what it knows
> already into an intra-active diffractive worlding (6). The machnic author
> revealed herself as queer.*
> Abrahams, Annie and Guez, Emmanuel (2019) ““The machinic author” Artist’s
> Statement: The Reading Club”, Journal of Creative Writing Studies: Vol. 4:
> Iss.1, Article 8. ISSN: 2474-2937. Available at:
> https://scholarworks.rit.edu/jcws/vol4/iss1/8
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