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The picture lies here https://www.instagram.com/p/CbLUoHUMiXq/?utm_medium=copy_link

The story:
Pass me that tent pole... great - throwing his boots down and removing his thin socks, L. Quickly climbed the mast, jamming the pole into the rigging at an oblique angle, then descending monkey style down the tangle of ropes and beams and dropping to the deck.
Well done old chap - remarked Bron, although I’m not sure what you’re up to.. I had to tighten the foresale then we can jam properly across this green sea, and reach our goal more quickly.
Fair play to that bro - B. Popped a green Midget gem in her gob and pulled her breeks up catching a moth in her hand distractedly while otherwise cocking her eye up at the great billowy sail and its seemingly attached cloud thing. She marvelled at the gizmo and leaned back on the rail, peering at the green and orange moth between her delicately curled fingers then blew gently and released the small creature watching it wing up past the mizzen and sail away towards some hazy distant islands that looked quite inviting... How far’s the island? - half a day maybe.. - lunch when we get there? - sure thing!  Creamed gumbo kippers mash turnip tips and endive salad with dijon then ice cream a la mode.. - what’s the a la mode bit - frozen raspberries with peanut sauce sprinkled with midget gems of course!!! - jeezis! Count me in. I’ll make a cocktail then we can surf a bit then have a kip, going to need our wits about us... #ink #penandink #surrealism #leonardo #art #quill #quillpen


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