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Fri Mar 18 17:38:42 CET 2022

Dear all, (apologies for cross-posting)

I'm happy to announce that we have a touristic bus ready to see the
internet stuff around berlin.

* * *
:~ Sat April 09 2022. 14.00h — 17.00h
*Internet Tour*. In search of the technical cloud in Berlin
6 hops max, 50 body packets, 180 min,

Produced by C/O Berlin
Curated by Kathrin Schoenegg
Eirik Sördal as tour guide
Part of the show *Songs of the Sky. Photography & the Clou**d. *Dec 11,
2021 – Apr 21, 2022

Tickets & more information:
Internet Tour site: http://internetour.com/

Internet Tours are based on the actual research of the local
>> infrastructures that allow information to be constantly distributed,
>> processed, generated, received. “Body packets” – a tongue-in-cheek term for
>> actual human participants – embark on a properly marked motorbus that
>> follows the trajectory of fellow data packets, but at a completely
>> different speed. In an interesting take on Paglen’s proposition to “unlearn
>> to see like humans”, urban geography and architecture suddenly start to
>> provoke a different kind of gaze in the participants of the Internet tour,
>> who are encouraged to grasp the possible traces of the invisible
>> infrastructure of the Internet in an ordinary urban space. As the tour
>> proceeds, a guide tells stories and anecdotes about how this infrastructure
>> was made, including the struggles, dreams, mistakes, expectations and
>> accidents that made it possible. As the participants are guided through
>> suburban neighbourhoods, industrial areas, highways and even beaches, they
>> start to realize their roles as planners, unaware inhabitants, involuntary
>> protagonists or merely passive content in the story of network
>> infrastructures.
>> Deciphering a networked planet, especially in a phase of dramatic
>> exploitation and collapse such as the one we are living in, requires
>> unusual vantage points outside of the traditional boundaries of academic
>> disciplines, artistic or activist work, or professional practices.
>> Traditional cartographies often imply a single point of view and an ordered
>> representation of points on a layer, as seen from above. Experimental
>> projects such as Santamaría’s are intriguing because they deliberately go
>> against the grain of conventional or documentary mapping: firstly, they
>> highlight the hinges and junctions between layers, instead of their
>> smoothness; and, secondly, they twist their default temporal dimension.
>> Bani Brusadin
>> The Fog of Systems. Aksioma, Ljubljana, 2021.

all the best,

Mario Santamaría
Tourist Guide
https://internetour.com <https://t.co/VRcqZjU2D6>
Studio: Trama 34. L'Hospitalet, Barcelona
e: info at mariosantamaria.net  tw: @m_msanta
m: +0034 651 109 724
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