[NetBehaviour] grain

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Mar 22 04:05:38 CET 2022


https://youtu.be/-e47G3wXMiU VIDEO

disappearance of the wilderness enemy walls wails
what is an enemy but someone required to kill someone else
something to be said for wounding harassment otherwise
unwanted infestations of the mind and body
harrowing of hell tends towards munitions production
look fire leaps bombs appear from nowhere
bombs never appear bombs always on the ready
on the ready after the fact
sickness that keeps on taking just as the head turns
together heads turn together burned buried that way
against the grain against the absence of deflection
against the thwarting of listening against testimony
testify into testaments burned maw
something the teeth are left theyve lost their clench
sudden release of pressure air shocked from absence
that looming that moment of last sight that air
that air air
all fall down all fall down

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