[NetBehaviour] Euripides, Fragments, Aegeus-Meleager

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Wed Mar 23 02:28:15 CET 2022

Euripides, Fragments, Aegeus-Meleager


Trans. Collard and Cropp, Loeb, 2008

Aegeus 1

"What land shall we say you have left to visit this city?
What is your homeland's border? Who begot you, as whose
son are you proclaimed."

Why have you come here? Do you disturb us? Do you sleep
at night as we do? We do not sleep at night, do you?
>From what town do you emerge? From whose womb? Are you a
son of man and woman? What is your proclamation? Do you
carry identity? Do you eat and drink as we do? Do you
understand the nature of nourishment. Does nourishment
possess a border? Do you live near the border? Do you
live in border lands? Why do you visit this city and not
another? Do you move from city to city?

Aegeus 2

"What did your mother name you on the tenth day after
your birth?"

Of what is a name that you have been given one? Is a
name that has been given a gift? Do you bring that gift
to us. Do you bring that name as a gift to us and to no

Aegeus 6

"What is dearer to a man than his ancestral land?"

How long have you lived in your ancestral land? Does
your ancestral land have a border? Is your border near
our border? Does your border touch our border? What is
the width of your border? Is the width of your border
the width of our border? On what side of your border
is your ancestral land? On what side of your border is
our ancestral land?

Aegeus 10 <Theseus?>

"Death is due even to a man who sits at home avoiding

Do you come here to die? Have you arrived to die here,
far from your ancestral land? Is your death on the
border of death? Are you one of the fallen near the
border of your land?

Aegeus 11 <Chorus>

"Even if one falls, one can exhibit virtue in death."

When thus are you dying, what is the last that you
see? that you hear? what is the last that you touch?
When you are dying, do you cross your borderlands?
Stranger, why have you come here? Why have you
arrived? Why have you left us? Where are you going?
Why have you left us? Why have you left us?

Aegeus 11a

"... in front of the spring, a flower-strewn bed ..."


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