[NetBehaviour] Reminder: THE KILL CLOUD: Networked Warfare, Drones & AI - March 25-27

Tatiana Bazzichelli tbazz at disruptiv.biz
Thu Mar 24 12:06:24 CET 2022

Dear all,

I would like to remind you about our upcoming conference THE KILL CLOUD:
Networked Warfare, Drones & AI at Kunstquartier Bethanien, 25 – 27
March, in Berlin. We would love to see you in person, but it will also
be possible to follow us online. A chat will be active on our website to
ask questions to our speakers from remote.

Challenging AI powered global military programmes & targeted killings
through civic action and whistleblowing.
Details: https://www.disruptionlab.org/the-kill-cloud

Keynote speakers are drone whistleblowers and intelligence analysts Cian
Westmoreland and Lisa Ling, co-authors of "The Kill Cloud: Real World
Implications of Network Centric Warfare", a revealing book chapter of
our anthology Whistleblowing for Change (transcript Verlag, November
2021), which gives the title to this conference.

Free digital version of the book:

Former sensor operator Brandon Bryant, the first whistleblower that
analysed and exposed drone-systems and their strategies, will also be
present, together with AI researchers and experts, lawyers, journalists
and human rights advocates from Afghanistan, Germany and internationally.

The aim is to provide some understanding into ethical problems with the
use of AI and satellite technology to enable targeted killing via drones
and unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as give an insight into how
atrocities such as the collateral bombing of civilians without soldiers
can happen.

Diffusion of responsibility and desensitisation of conflicts are
characterising the network of modern warfare, which is based on a
complex interconnection of technologies and systems of hierarchy.

We believe that it is crucial to keep such debate alive internationally
and in Germany in particular, considering the presence of the U.S. air
force base in Ramstein.

The schedule of the events is here:

Full programme:

Tickets: https://pretix.eu/disruptionlab/the-kill-cloud/

I hope to see you in person or online.

All the best,


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