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Wonderful. This has got such resonance.


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> Euripides, Fragments, Aegeus-Meleager
> http://www.alansondheim.org/amongus.jpg
> Trans. Collard and Cropp, Loeb, 2008
> Aegeus 1
> "What land shall we say you have left to visit this city?
> What is your homeland's border? Who begot you, as whose
> son are you proclaimed."
> Why have you come here? Do you disturb us? Do you sleep
> at night as we do? We do not sleep at night, do you?
> From what town do you emerge? From whose womb? Are you a
> son of man and woman? What is your proclamation? Do you
> carry identity? Do you eat and drink as we do? Do you
> understand the nature of nourishment. Does nourishment
> possess a border? Do you live near the border? Do you
> live in border lands? Why do you visit this city and not
> another? Do you move from city to city?
> Aegeus 2
> "What did your mother name you on the tenth day after
> your birth?"
> Of what is a name that you have been given one? Is a
> name that has been given a gift? Do you bring that gift
> to us. Do you bring that name as a gift to us and to no
> other?
> Aegeus 6
> "What is dearer to a man than his ancestral land?"
> How long have you lived in your ancestral land? Does
> your ancestral land have a border? Is your border near
> our border? Does your border touch our border? What is
> the width of your border? Is the width of your border
> the width of our border? On what side of your border
> is your ancestral land? On what side of your border is
> our ancestral land?
> Aegeus 10 <Theseus?>
> "Death is due even to a man who sits at home avoiding
> adversity."
> Do you come here to die? Have you arrived to die here,
> far from your ancestral land? Is your death on the
> border of death? Are you one of the fallen near the
> border of your land?
> Aegeus 11 <Chorus>
> "Even if one falls, one can exhibit virtue in death."
> When thus are you dying, what is the last that you
> see? that you hear? what is the last that you touch?
> When you are dying, do you cross your borderlands?
> Stranger, why have you come here? Why have you
> arrived? Why have you left us? Where are you going?
> Why have you left us? Why have you left us?
> Aegeus 11a
> "... in front of the spring, a flower-strewn bed ..."
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