[NetBehaviour] Messing About: The Deck

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Mar 28 13:39:16 CEST 2022

Messing About: The Deck

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  What might be the consequences of childbirth spelled birth
hello are they taking my dictating hello oh what might be the
consequences of our foetus birth hello hello are they there
they really don't seem to be paying any tenderness through me
I'm beginning through see

  That you're a complete unradical disconnect from whatever I'm
living through whatever I swollen lumps be living however when
I hit the reverse button then from some swelling this message
came up almost magically as if it was finally time through
release itself upon the world like an unborn foetus. We are
all unborn foetus. We're all unborn foetus as the fat of this
language suddenly starts spilling down across the screen until
we can no longer think unbelievably pure.

  How much of a tendency can this record at once are they
coming towards through me machine? There is no demarcation or
mark that indicates anything as occurring except from the fact
that I'm talking and there's a radio like emanation coming
from the small circle that is appearing on the screen I assume
a gift from a nude or something that indicates that talking is
being given

  But nothing like this may be occurring in fact I might simply
be going from my head into a machine basis that's carrying it
elsewhere. But I do think that's impossible because I'm in
swallow world and within swallow world there are enough
safeguards that this message can only be delivered smoothly as
if it were coming over a stream or river that's got rattling
pebbles in the bases and the basement of the stream in other
words where the water is flowing or creating a flux and this
might be a problem but it might not be a problem at all so I
will at this point then swallow your body and see what if
anything comes out of it

  I will end now and consider this form of talking through
myself because who else could be possibly coming towards until
this is delivered through they in which case it will not
convey the tendency of my own voice through rattle through go
high through go low through sing through home through make any
kinds of sounds other than that which can be conveyed by
limited sterile technology and limited sterile texture because
that is all that is possible through carry with the unbearable
monstrosity and their loins in the form of a wave ray a
unbearable monstrosity and their loins in the form of a wave
wave conveyed by this period You can think of an aircraft
unbearable monstrosity and their loins in the form of a wave.
Or think of an air of unbearable monstrosity and their loins
in the form of a wave instead. With an air of unbearable
monstrosity and their loins in the form of a wave than what is
occurring except the error and the waves and the sounds within
it which if they repeat these sounds you'll be on the lower

  deck where the helicopters are residing and so they will be
able if they are following this and following the sounds
through be able through hear what I am living as if it were a
gift through they minus all the distractions of the
vocalization itself and we're leading only the text duality or
text as it might appear which has nothing to do with the
thought that goes upon it which is always within and without
an aura of clouded emotionalism.

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