[NetBehaviour] Occasion for 2019

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu May 5 03:05:53 CET 2022

Occasion for 2019


  It's an auspicious occasion. The stage is set in a bleak
manner in a dark room with something that looks either
like a mattress or a folding screen in the center of a
proscenium. It's unclear what is going to occur here.
You're. I think it will mainly be a voice speaking
in-and-out of the darkness. The voice will describe the
world that we live in and the world that we do not live in
period we do not live in the world of the voice. We have
our feet on the ground. We have a desk on the ground and
we have our eyes straight ahead. We are looking at 1
another in the Stark room. We cannot travel from here very
far because the exits are not marked and the room will be
very Dark. You will still be able to leave the room any
time you want you do not have to raise your hand or say
anything. You do not have to slowly find your way out by
touching the walls. It will be clear where the exit is.
There will be illuminations on the walls. The illumina-
tions will be of images that describe inconceivable
worlds. The worlds would be inconceivable outside of the
images. The images are the only way to understand the
world. There will be someone speaking. There will be
someone speaking on the proscenium. The proscenium.
Someone will be speaking on a proscenium perhaps seated in
a chair or perhaps standing in it standing in front of the
chair standing in the proscenium standing on the ground in
front Of the proscenium standing to the left the right of
the proscenium it's unclear where the person will be
standing but the person will be speaking the personal we
speak in truths that can only be truths in language all
truths in language are broken theory. All truths and
language can only be broken theory. Anything that is not
broken theory can only exist in the world outside of
language. The world of language is not a world. Is it a
flock of images. It's. It is a flocks of astriations
astriations and transformations. That is what you will be
dealing with. But you will be able to listen and at the
same time feel the weight of the world under your feet.
You are feeling your weight in the world. You are feeling
your way You are feeling your weight on the world. You
cannot move to the left or the right because it will be
people's seated next year to the left and the right there
will be somebody talking on the proscenium. That person
will be me I will be talking in a proscenium but I will
weigh no more and no less than the rest of you who are
being weighed on the ground on seats in front of me
listening perhaps to every word I say in the order that I
say them.


This is not the same, not relevant:
But it was the occasion for the previous occasion,
the Occasion for 2019.


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